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Source: Human Reproduction Updates June 2012
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Karyotype of first clinical miscarriage and prognosis of subsequent pregnancy outcome
Posted on 5/11/2021 6:40:30 AM [#8922 ] MORE
'Your hopes can run away with your realistic expectations': a qualitative study of women and men's decision-making when undergoing multiple cycles of
Posted on 1/06/2021 12:16:34 AM [#8836 ] MORE
Experiences of women undergoing infertility treatment from embryo transfer until pregnancy test and their conceptualization of their embryo
Posted on 1/06/2021 12:11:43 AM [#8835 ] MORE
Hair Cortisol Concentrations as a Biomarker to Predict a Clinical Pregnancy Outcome after an IVF Cycle: A Pilot Feasibility Study
Posted on 2/05/2020 12:40:05 AM [#8485 ] MORE
How Are They Doing? Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at School Age of Children Born Following Assisted Reproductive Treatments
Posted on 11/04/2020 11:47:53 PM [#8751 ] MORE
A clinical counseling tool predicting supernumerary embryos after a fresh IVF cycle
Posted on 12/03/2020 12:18:42 AM [#8433 ] MORE
Ovarian Stimulation Is Safe and Effective for Patients with Gynecologic Cancer
Posted on 14/01/2020 1:05:59 AM [#8366 ] MORE
Is it ever morally permissible to select for deafness in one’s child?
Posted on 28/09/2019 5:15:16 PM [#8260 ] MORE
The fight for access to a little girl that went all the way to the High Court
Posted on 28/08/2019 10:18:26 AM [#8237 ] MORE
Subsidizing PGD: The Moral Case for Funding Genetic Selection
Posted on 22/08/2019 12:14:46 AM [#8232 ] MORE
Embryo donation: Survey of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) patients and randomized trial of complimentary counseling
Posted on 22/08/2019 12:11:26 AM [#8231 ] MORE
A Novel Solution for Freezing Small Numbers of Human Sperm [RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT TO BE USED FOR DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES.]
Posted on 26/06/2019 11:08:27 PM [#8184 ] MORE
Virtus Health (ASX:VRT) CEO Sue Channon. IVF giant Virtus treading water but chief Sue Channon says it can fight off the discount
Posted on 21/02/2019 7:42:32 AM [#8065 ] MORE
Sperm sorter Memphasys is finding its feet as a grower, not a shower
Posted on 21/02/2019 7:40:38 AM [#8064 ] MORE
MAGAZINE ‘Sophisticated Labs and High-End Technology Ensure IVF Success Rate’
Posted on 10/01/2019 7:46:56 AM [#8028 ] MORE
Fall in fertility rates spurs in vitro fertilisation market in UAE
Posted on 10/01/2019 7:43:08 AM [#8027 ] MORE
Donor Egg IVFs Market Size, Status and Forecast 2025 | World Egg Bank, Egg Donor America, Donor Egg Bank USA
Posted on 9/01/2019 10:02:05 AM [#8024 ] MORE
TrakStation pH Troubleshooting
Posted on 18/08/2018 5:16:14 PM [#7844 ] MORE
What Kind of Returns are Monash IVF Group Limited (ASX:MVF) Shares Generating?
Posted on 13/12/2017 5:39:00 PM [#7688 ] MORE
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Asia-Pacific Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2020
Posted on 27/08/2016 11:08:10 PM [#7377 ] MORE
Asia-Pacific In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Market Worth USD 4,012.3 Million by 2021 - Analysis, Technologies & Forecasts Report 2016-2021 - Key Vendors
Posted on 27/08/2016 7:15:35 AM [#7376 ] MORE
Global $756 Million In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Market 2016 by Product, Technology & End Users - Forecasts to 2021 - Research and Markets
Posted on 8/08/2016 12:23:41 PM [#6336 ] MORE
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Sperm DNA Fragmentation Assay [Forum/Discussion]
Posted on 6/10/2012 8:22:33 AM [#2482 ] MORE
Collapsing And Hatching Vitrified Blastocysts [Forum/Discussion]
Posted on 18/07/2012 5:44:37 PM [#2307 ] MORE
IVFClincMail on IVF Environment Management
Posted on 16/07/2012 5:28:17 PM [#2294 ] MORE
IVFClinicMail Forum on Types Of KPI Used
Posted on 16/07/2012 5:26:05 PM [#2293 ] MORE
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Molecular 'barcode' helps decide which sperm will reach an egg. ,
Loss of aneuploid cells in developing mouse embryos leading to the birth of normal offspring ,
Antioxidants and human embryo culture ,
Webinar KPI Management ,
Issues with applying the Bologna Criteria ,
No letters allocated to this Review
POSEIDON classification ,
The BOLOGNA Classification ,
Recent Journal Links EXPAND
Posted on 20/05/2023 12:16:54 AM [#8954 ] MORE
Posted on 20/09/2022 9:38:31 PM [#8953 ] MORE
Posted on 22/02/2022 8:58:53 AM [#8952 ] MORE
Comparison of aneuploidy rates between conventional in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection in in vitro fertilization–intracytopla
Posted on 7/12/2021 7:37:22 AM [#8943 ] MORE
HIRA contributes to zygote formation in mice and is implicated in human 1PN zygote phenotype
Posted on 4/12/2021 11:46:45 PM [#8914 ] MORE
The morphokinetic signature of mosaic embryos: evidence in support of their own genetic identity
Posted on 4/12/2021 6:05:12 PM [#8913 ] MORE
Identifying biomarkers for predicting successful embryo implantation: applying single to multi-OMICs to improve reproductive outcome
Posted on 4/12/2021 6:57:00 AM [#8912 ] MORE
Is there still a rationale for non-invasive PGT-A by analysis of cell-free DNA released by human embryos into culture medium?
Posted on 3/12/2021 4:57:35 PM [#8895 ] MORE
Methodological considerations for examining the relationship between sperm morphology and motility
Posted on 2/12/2021 8:46:21 AM [#8874 ] MORE
Possibility of live birth in patients with low serum β:-hCG 14 :days after blastocyst transfer
Posted on 1/12/2021 9:26:19 PM [#8849 ] MORE
Association between blastocyst morphology and maternal first trimester serum markers in ongoing pregnancies obtained after single fresh blastocyst tra
Posted on 1/12/2021 10:21:03 AM [#8848 ] MORE
Recent News Links EXPAND
Wilfried Feichtinger (1950–2021): an Austrian IVF pioneer
Posted on 15/07/2021 11:59:41 PM [#8944 ] MORE
Human embryos cultured in lab for record time a 'major step forward' that opens ethical debate
Posted on 27/06/2021 10:44:34 AM [#8939 ] MORE
Why scientists want longstanding '14-day rule' for human embryo research changed
Posted on 27/06/2021 10:41:31 AM [#8938 ] MORE
Most differences in DNA binding compounds found at birth in children conceived by IVF not seen in early childhood
Posted on 21/04/2021 7:36:50 AM [#8918 ] MORE
Shanna Swan: 'Most couples may have to use assisted reproduction by 2045'
Posted on 28/03/2021 11:39:23 PM [#8904 ] MORE
Your IVF Success website helps patients estimate chances of having a baby, but does it go far enough?
Posted on 19/02/2021 9:21:38 AM [#8880 ] MORE
Class action launched against Monash IVF over non-invasive embryo testing
Posted on 24/12/2020 6:23:54 AM [#8820 ] MORE
Abbey is one of half a dozen women who have given birth in Australia under suspicion of having coronavirus
Posted on 5/12/2020 5:01:15 PM [#8500 ] MORE
Partner selection ultimately happens in the woman's reproductive tract
Posted on 21/08/2020 6:49:42 AM [#8659 ] MORE
In China, single women are banned from freezing their eggs. Now one woman is fighting for change
Posted on 28/06/2020 8:45:09 AM [#8576 ] MORE
The Nobel Prize-winner responsible for 8 million babies
Posted on 17/06/2020 9:37:42 AM [#8567 ] MORE
Piezo-ICSI Standardization Training Manual
Posted on 5/12/2021 7:58:49 AM [#8923 ] MORE
SESSION 47: THE INVISIBLE MALE. International IVF Initiative
Posted on 4/07/2021 6:26:07 PM [#8910 ] MORE
Moving Sperm Forward
Posted on 1/06/2021 6:30:36 AM [#8837 ] MORE
The International IVF Initiative
Posted on 24/05/2021 8:03:04 AM [#8930 ] MORE
International IVF Initiative - SESSION 47: THE INVISIBLE MALE
Posted on 24/02/2021 7:43:43 AM [#8886 ] MORE
WEBINAR RECORDING: Embryology Virtual Lounge
Posted on 6/11/2020 5:24:29 PM [#8553 ] MORE
Evaluation of IVF laboratory outcomes with key performance indicators [CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions]
Posted on 5/11/2020 12:15:34 PM [#8497 ] MORE
Using PGT-A Wisely – When and How?
Posted on 2/11/2020 11:26:58 AM [#8746 ] MORE
Vitrification Media Composition - The Important Roles of the Components
Posted on 7/10/2020 5:45:21 PM [#8597 ] MORE
How to define successful IVF [IVF Worldwide Webinar Series]
Posted on 5/10/2020 8:06:31 AM [#8493 ] MORE
Progesterone - Mode of action. Professor Christian Egarte
Posted on 6/09/2020 8:20:38 AM [#8550 ] MORE
Human Reproduction Open
Posted on 23/03/2019 6:34:02 AM [#8105 ] MORE
Posted on 29/12/2018 6:35:10 AM [#8004 ] MORE
Molecular Human Reproduction
Posted on 26/12/2018 11:43:57 AM [#7994 ] MORE
Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine
Posted on 8/01/2017 11:15:37 AM [#7441 ] MORE
Lab on a Chip [Journal]
Posted on 4/08/2016 9:02:00 AM [#6330 ] MORE
Current Trends in Clinical Embryology
Posted on 29/11/2015 6:50:34 PM [#6281 ] MORE
PLOS One articles on IVF
Posted on 4/09/2015 8:44:10 AM [#6257 ] MORE
Reproductive Health
Posted on 5/06/2015 7:29:21 AM [#6211 ] MORE
Placenta [Journal]
Posted on 3/05/2015 4:30:55 PM [#6180 ] MORE
Journal of Ovarian Research {journal link}
Posted on 25/06/2014 9:09:11 AM [#5837 ] MORE
American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Posted on 29/10/2013 7:49:12 AM [#4214 ] MORE
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Aire-Alert View
Live Monitoring,PPB Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC),Temperature,Relative Humidity. (no web link available).  
LifeAire Systems
Aire-LifeLine View
In-line filter for cylinder and house gasses O2, N2, CO2, and tri-gas. Aire~LifeLine provides in-line air filtration with top of the line protection, delivering a better and more consistent yield of cylinder and house gasses for a wide range of med  
LifeAire Systems
Vit Kit - Warm NX Catalog ID: 90183 View
Vit Kit - Warm NX is an adaptable, cost-effective system for use in the thawing of oocytes, pronuclear zygotes, cleavage stage embryos, and blastocyst stage embryos. Unlike many vitrification kits that feature a mono-buffered system and M199 base med  
Irvine Scientific
Vit Kit - Freeze NX View
Vit Kit - Freeze NX is an adaptable, cost-effective system for use in the vitrification of oocytes, pronuclear zygotes, cleavage stage embryos, and blastocyst stage embryos. Vit Kit - Freeze NX is the latest advancement in vitrification media aimed t  
Irvine Scientific
S-CRYOLOCK - Blue Vitrification device View
S-Cryolock is the slimmer version of the original. It is a versatile, simple and efficient vitrification device that is intended for the holding, cryopreservation and storage of oocytes or embryos in liquid nitrogen.  
Irvine Scientific

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