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List of Web Links for MailGroup: Sperm DNA
Note: This is the collection of IVFDaily and represents only a fraction of the possible links. If you consider a critically important link is absent, please contact IVFDaily at office@fertaid.com. Please contact IVFDaily if a link no longer appear valid.

Clinical implications of sperm DNA damage in IVF and ICSI: updated systematic review and meta‐:analysis
Posted on 3/05/2021 12:24:50 AM [#8891 ]
Sperm chromatin structure assay versus sperm chromatin dispersion kits: Technical repeatability and choice of assisted reproductive technology procedu
Posted on 26/11/2020 5:34:30 AM [#8775 ]
Sperm DNA Fragmentation: A New Guideline for Clinicians
Posted on 8/11/2020 4:31:11 PM [#8646 ]
Effect of Sperm DNA Fragmentation on Embryo Quality in Normal Responder Women in In Vitro Fertilization and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
Posted on 27/10/2020 11:55:53 PM [#8733 ]
DNA fragmentation of sperm: a radical examination of the contribution of oxidative stress and age in 16 945 semen samples
Posted on 26/09/2020 5:10:40 PM [#8698 ]
The combined effect of obesity and aging on human sperm DNA methylation signatures: inclusion of BMI in the paternal germ line age prediction model
Posted on 23/09/2020 10:53:11 PM [#8692 ]
Relationship between sperm morphology and sperm DNA dispersion
Posted on 18/07/2020 7:45:41 AM [#8612 ]
Predictive value of the sperm DNA fragmentation index for low or failed IVF fertilization in men with mild-to-moderate asthenozoospermia
Posted on 18/07/2020 7:34:34 AM [#8611 ]
The role of miRNAs in male human reproduction: a systematic review
Posted on 1/03/2020 4:15:08 PM [#8362 ]
The effect of antioxidants on male factor infertility: the Males, Antioxidants, and Infertility (MOXI) randomized clinical trial
Posted on 29/02/2020 11:46:00 PM [#8420 ]
Antioxidant supplements do not improve male fertility
Posted on 29/02/2020 11:44:26 PM [#8419 ]
Oxidative stress in sperm affects the epigenetic reprogramming in early embryonic development
Posted on 23/12/2019 12:08:22 AM [#8348 ]
Age-associated sperm DNA methylation patterns do not directly persist trans-generationally
Posted on 22/12/2019 11:48:00 PM [#8347 ]
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