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Effect of ovarian stimulation on embryo aneuploidy and mosaicism rate
Posted on 1/10/2021 7:31:27 AM [#8844 ]
Risk of breast cancer in women treated with ovarian stimulation drugs for infertility: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 24/06/2021 9:39:55 AM [#8937 ]
Outcomes comparison of IVF/ICSI among different trigger methods for final oocyte maturation: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 6/05/2021 8:09:48 PM [#8936 ]
Oocyte competence is independent of the ovulation trigger adopted: a large observational study in a setting that entails vitrified-warmed single euplo
Posted on 3/05/2021 7:58:57 PM [#8893 ]
The Effect of Luteinising Hormone Suppression in In Vitro Fertilisation Antagonist Cycles
Posted on 6/04/2021 10:15:13 AM [#8934 ]
The ovarian sensitivity index is predictive of live birth chances after IVF in infertile patients
Posted on 1/04/2021 12:08:38 AM [#8832 ]
Association between serum oestradiol level on the hCG administration day and neonatal birthweight after IVF-ET among 3659 singleton live births
Posted on 20/03/2021 12:37:59 AM [#8901 ]
ESHRE guideline: ovarian stimulation for IVF/ICSI†
Posted on 17/03/2021 12:22:51 AM [#8897 ]
GnRH agonist and hCG (dual trigger) versus hCG trigger for follicular maturation: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials
Posted on 6/03/2021 11:58:23 PM [#8933 ]
Time from oocyte retrieval to frozen embryo transfer in the natural cycle does not impact reproductive or neonatal outcomes
Posted on 18/02/2021 12:12:55 AM [#8878 ]
The effect of type of oral contraceptive pill and duration of use on fresh and cumulative live birth rates in IVF/ICSI cycles
Posted on 31/01/2021 8:14:19 AM [#8862 ]
Low dose hCG supplementation in a Gn-RH-agonist trigger protocol is associated with worse pregnancy outcomes: a retrospective cohort study
Posted on 6/01/2021 11:50:01 PM [#8932 ]
Birthweight and other perinatal outcomes of singletons conceived after assisted reproduction compared to natural conceived singletons in couples with
Posted on 24/12/2020 6:58:23 AM [#8822 ]
Effects of vitrification and the superovulated environment on placental function and fetal growth in an IVF mouse model
Posted on 8/11/2020 6:57:28 AM [#8645 ]
Randomized controlled trial comparing embryonic quality in rFSH versus hMG in the IVF protocol with GnRH Antagonist
Posted on 30/10/2020 6:49:22 AM [#8738 ]
The Bologna criteria for the definition of poor ovarian responders: is there a need for revision? [2014]
Posted on 5/10/2020 8:44:39 AM [#8494 ]
Initial ovarian sensitivity index predicts embryo quality and pregnancy potential in the first days of controlled ovarian stimulation
Posted on 19/08/2020 11:20:16 AM [#8657 ]
No effect of ovarian stimulation and oocyte yield on euploidy and live birth rates: an analysis of 12 :298 trophectoderm biopsies
Posted on 5/08/2020 6:23:28 AM [#8492 ]
Increased risk of severe maternal morbidity in women with twin pregnancies resulting from oocyte donation
Posted on 19/07/2020 7:53:04 AM [#8614 ]
Characterization of the Vaginal Microbiome in Women with Infertility and Its Potential Correlation with Hormone Stimulation during In Vitro Fertilizat
Posted on 17/07/2020 7:26:16 AM [#8610 ]
Controlled ovarian stimulation and progesterone supplementation affect vaginal and endometrial microbiota in IVF cycles: a pilot study
Posted on 17/07/2020 7:13:52 AM [#8609 ]
Response to stimulation in IVF may predict longer term health risks
Posted on 12/07/2020 7:14:40 AM [#8600 ]
Response to stimulation in IVF may predict longer term health risks
Posted on 12/07/2020 12:34:44 AM [#8599 ]
Impact of Endometrioma and Bilaterality on IVF / ICSI Cycles in Patients With Endometriosis
Posted on 7/07/2020 11:31:03 PM [#8591 ]
A decision-making algorithm for performing or cancelling embryo transfer in patients at high risk for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after triggeri
Posted on 30/06/2020 7:01:37 AM [#8578 ]
GnRH Agonist and hCG (Dual Trigger) Versus hCG Trigger for Final Follicular Maturation: A Double-Blinded, Randomized Controlled Study
Posted on 22/06/2020 4:24:31 PM [#8569 ]
Progesterone supplementation: effects and time optimization [IVF WorldWide presentation].
Posted on 9/06/2020 8:00:10 AM [#8549 ]
Is Ovarian Response Associated With Adverse Perinatal Outcomes in GnRH Antagonist IVF/ICSI Cycles?
Posted on 9/06/2020 12:05:21 AM [#8548 ]
What Is the Best Regimen for Ovarian Stimulation of Poor Responders in ART/IVF?
Posted on 5/06/2020 12:27:48 AM [#8490 ]
Cumulative live birth rates after one ART cycle including all subsequent frozen–thaw cycles in 1050 women: secondary outcome of an RCT comparing GnRH-
Posted on 3/06/2020 6:29:08 PM [#8536 ]
Cost-effectiveness Analysis of GnRH-agonist Long-Protocol and GnRH-antagonist Protocol for in Vitro Fertilization
Posted on 3/06/2020 6:12:02 PM [#8535 ]
Endometrial compaction before frozen euploid embryo transfer improves ongoing pregnancy rates
Posted on 14/05/2020 11:45:08 PM [#8503 ]
Live birth after frozen–thawed embryo transfer-which endometrial preparation protocol is better?
Posted on 5/05/2020 7:17:16 AM [#8488 ]
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist ovulation trigger—beyond OHSS prevention
Posted on 29/03/2020 10:53:25 PM [#8457 ]
IVF Worldwide Webinar Series: Why and how to supplement androgens in infertile women? Prof. Norbert Gleicher
Posted on 27/03/2020 7:39:15 AM [#8450 ]
Outcomes of in vitro fertilization–embryo transfer in women with diminished ovarian reserve after growth hormone pretreatment
Posted on 18/03/2020 12:00:25 AM [#8441 ]
Effect of oocyte donor stimulation on recipient outcomes: data from a US national donor oocyte bank
Posted on 8/03/2020 7:44:43 AM [#8426 ]
Ovarian Stimulation Is Safe and Effective for Patients with Gynecologic Cancer
Posted on 14/01/2020 1:05:59 AM [#8366 ]
Individualized ovarian stimulation in IVF/ICSI treatment: it is time to stop using high FSH doses in predicted low responders
Posted on 17/12/2019 12:14:44 AM [#8338 ]
The POSEIDON Criteria and Its Measure of Success Through the Eyes of Clinicians and Embryologists
Posted on 13/12/2019 7:30:15 AM [#8335 ]
Comparative study between agonist and antagonist protocols in PCOS patients undergoing ICSI: a cross-sectional study
Posted on 12/12/2019 12:19:14 AM [#8331 ]
Dehydroepiandrosterone Supplementation Improves the Outcomes of in vitro Fertilization Cycles in Older Patients With Diminished Ovarian Reserve
Posted on 10/12/2019 12:22:25 AM [#8330 ]
Future Perspectives of POSEIDON Stratification for Clinical Practice and Research
Posted on 10/12/2019 12:19:31 AM [#8329 ]
The novel POSEIDON stratification of ‘Low prognosis patients in Assisted Reproductive Technology’ and its proposed marker of successful outcome
Posted on 10/12/2019 12:16:15 AM [#8328 ]
Live birth outcomes of vitrified embryos generated under growth hormone stimulation are improved for women categorized as poor-prognosis
Posted on 23/11/2019 6:16:25 AM [#8309 ]
Differential impacts of gonadotrophins, IVF and embryo culture on mouse blastocyst development [Mouse]
Posted on 6/11/2019 11:14:19 AM [#8292 ]
The Concept of Growth Hormone Deficiency Affecting Clinical Prognosis in IVF
Posted on 24/10/2019 7:02:50 AM [#8284 ]
Repeated GnRH agonist doses for luteal support: a proof of concept
Posted on 24/10/2019 6:59:36 AM [#8283 ]
Low LH Level on the Day of GnRH Agonist Trigger Is Associated With Reduced Ongoing Pregnancy and Live Birth Rates and Increased Early Miscarriage Rate
Posted on 19/10/2019 12:02:47 AM [#8275 ]
Growth Hormone and Endometrial Receptivity - a mini review.
Posted on 18/10/2019 6:10:00 AM [#8271 ]
Embryonic aneuploidy rates are equivalent in natural cycles and gonadotropin-stimulated cycles
Posted on 8/10/2019 [#8263 ]
The effect of anesthetic agents for oocyte pick-up on in vitro fertilization outcome: A retrospective study in a tertiary center
Posted on 26/09/2019 11:29:08 PM [#8255 ]
The effect of repeated controlled ovarian stimulation cycles on the gamete and embryo development
Posted on 20/08/2019 6:30:53 AM [#8227 ]
Ovarian stimulation for preimplantation genetic testing
Posted on 3/08/2019 11:33:33 PM [#8083 ]
Growth Hormone and Reproduction: Lessons Learned From Animal Models and Clinical Trials
Posted on 17/07/2019 9:27:40 AM [#8207 ]
Supraphysiological serum oestradiol negatively affects birthweight in cryopreserved embryo transfers: a retrospective cohort study
Posted on 4/07/2019 9:04:22 AM [#8195 ]
Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) parameters associated with euploidy rates in donor oocytes
Posted on 3/07/2019 12:19:07 AM [#8194 ]
In vitro fertilisation was associated with refractive errors when children reached the age of 11
Posted on 19/06/2019 6:34:18 AM [#8174 ]
Ocular Malformations or Poor Visual Acuity in Children Born After In Vitro Fertilization in Sweden [2010 report]
Posted on 19/06/2019 6:30:29 AM [#8173 ]
Required amount of rFSH, HP-hMG and HP-FSH to reach a live birth: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 19/06/2019 6:11:28 AM [#8171 ]
Risk of ovarian cancer in women treated with ovarian stimulating drugs for infertility [update]
Posted on 19/06/2019 6:00:22 AM [#8170 ]
Understanding Follicular Output Rate (FORT) and its Implications for POSEIDON Criteria
Posted on 3/05/2019 12:10:09 PM [#8142 ]
The impact of adding hp-hMG in r-FSH started GnRH antagonist cycles on ART outcome
Posted on 13/04/2019 12:00:11 AM [#8129 ]
Corifollitropin alfa for ovarian stimulation in in vitro fertilization: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Posted on 3/04/2019 7:32:28 AM [#8123 ]
Evaluation of the Second Follicular Wave Phenomenon in Natural Cycle Assisted Reproduction: A Key Option for Poor Responders through Luteal Phase Oocy
Posted on 17/03/2019 11:49:03 PM [#8092 ]
Dual stimulation using corifollitropin alfa in 54 Bologna criteria poor ovarian responders – a case series
Posted on 25/02/2019 10:45:23 AM [#8069 ]
Endogenous progesterone levels could predict reproductive outcome in frozen embryo replacement cycles supplemented with synthetic progestogens: A retr
Posted on 21/01/2019 8:42:18 AM [#8040 ]
Dual trigger with gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist and human chorionic gonadotropin significantly improves live birth rate for women with dimini
Posted on 7/01/2019 11:36:49 PM [#8019 ]
Only women’s age and the duration of infertility are the prognostic factors for the success rate of natural cycle IVF
Posted on 7/01/2019 11:32:22 PM [#8018 ]
Ovarian stimulation and endometriosis progression or recurrence: a systematic review
Posted on 7/01/2019 11:28:16 PM [#8017 ]
Testosterone therapy for women with poor ovarian response undergoing IVF: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Posted on 7/01/2019 11:22:45 PM [#8016 ]
Soluble LH-hCG receptor and oestradiol as predictors of pregnancy and live birth in IVF
Posted on 3/01/2019 7:29:01 AM [#8015 ]
Follitropin delta in repeated ovarian stimulation for IVF: a controlled, assessor-blind Phase 3 safety trial
Posted on 1/01/2019 5:09:46 PM [#8011 ]
Evaluating the benefit of measuring serum progesterone prior to the administration of hCG: effect of the duration of late-follicular elevated progeste
Posted on 1/01/2019 5:00:01 PM [#8009 ]
High responders are not exempt from detrimental effects of prematurely rising progesterone levels in fresh embryo transfer cycles
Posted on 27/12/2018 9:59:58 AM [#7997 ]
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Ovarian Rejuvenation
Posted on 19/12/2018 12:04:26 PM [#7984 ]
Urinary versus recombinant gonadotropins for ovarian stimulation in women undergoing treatment with assisted reproductive technology
Posted on 3/09/2018 7:07:52 AM [#7868 ]
A Case Series on Platelet-Rich Plasma Revolutionary Management of Poor Responder Patients
Posted on 25/08/2018 1:07:27 AM [#7854 ]
The effect of female body mass index on in vitro fertilization cycle outcomes: a multi-center analysis
Posted on 9/05/2018 7:09:10 AM [#7874 ]
Is gonadotropin stimulation bad for oocytes?
Posted on 4/05/2018 12:01:19 AM [#7809 ]
Effect of Growth Hormone on Uterine Receptivity in Women With Repeated Implantation Failure in an Oocyte Donation Program: A Randomized Controlled Tri
Posted on 3/02/2018 3:43:00 PM [#7761 ]
Preconception use of pain-relievers and time-to-pregnancy: a prospective cohort study
Posted on 3/02/2018 3:30:01 PM [#7757 ]
Low dosing of gonadotropins in in vitro fertilization cycles for women with poor ovarian reserve: systematic review and meta-analysis [Meta Analysis]
Posted on 17/01/2018 12:07:12 AM [#7722 ]
ANDRO-IVF: a novel protocol for poor responders to IVF controlled ovarian stimulation. [PDF Download]
Posted on 10/01/2018 9:15:09 AM [#7717 ]
Does freeze-all policy affect IVF outcomes in poor responders?
Posted on 6/01/2018 3:24:33 PM [#7711 ]
Ovarian response to controlled ovarian stimulation in women with different polycystic ovary syndrome phenotypes
Posted on 29/12/2017 12:32:48 AM [#7707 ]
Impact of insulin resistance and obesity on intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcomes in young women with polycystı:c ovary syndrome
Posted on 29/12/2017 12:18:47 AM [#7705 ]
A second dose of kisspeptin-54 improves oocyte maturation in women at high risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: a Phase 2 randomized controlled
Posted on 7/11/2017 3:51:16 PM [#7671 ]
Single-centre retrospective analysis of growth hormone supplementation in IVF patients classified as poor-prognosis
Posted on 14/10/2017 11:07:45 AM [#7655 ]
Outcomes from a university-based low-cost in vitro fertilization program providing access to care for a low-resource socioculturally diverse urban com
Posted on 8/09/2017 10:53:28 AM [#7628 ]
Controlled ovulation of the dominant follicle using progestin in minimal stimulation in poor responders
Posted on 6/09/2017 5:25:17 PM [#7625 ]
The superovulated environment, independent of embryo vitrification, results in low birthweight in a mouse model
Posted on 4/09/2017 10:46:36 AM [#7617 ]
Inositol and In Vitro Fertilization with Embryo Transfer
Posted on 22/05/2017 5:21:41 PM [#7575 ]
High FSH dosing is associated with reduced live birth rate in fresh but not subsequent frozen embryo transfers
Posted on 21/05/2017 7:03:37 AM [#7569 ]
Top quality blastocyst formation rates in relation to progesterone levels on the day of oocyte maturation in GnRH antagonist IVF/ICSI cycles
Posted on 20/05/2017 7:28:35 AM [#7566 ]
Effectiveness of mild ovarian stimulation versus GnRH agonist protocol in women undergoing assisted reproductive technology: a meta-analysis
Posted on 18/05/2017 7:13:27 AM [#7554 ]
Pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and clinical aspects of ovulation induction agents: A review of the literature
Posted on 18/05/2017 7:09:59 AM [#7553 ]
Management of ovarian stimulation for IVF: narrative review of evidence provided for World Health Organization guidance
Posted on 16/05/2017 7:09:50 AM [#7545 ]
Progesterone/estradiol ratio <0.25 on the day of human chorionic gonadotropin administration is associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes in prolonge
Posted on 8/03/2017 7:50:19 AM [#7508 ]
GnRH antagonist and letrozole co-treatment in diminished ovarian reserve patients: a proof-of-concept study.[Pubmed link].
Posted on 18/02/2017 11:16:35 AM [#7482 ]
Ovarian stimulation protocols for IVF: is more better than less?
Posted on 18/02/2017 11:11:54 AM [#7481 ]
PIVET rFSH dosing algorithms for individualized controlled ovarian stimulation enables optimized pregnancy productivity rates and avoidance of ovarian
Posted on 29/08/2016 12:02:12 AM [#7384 ]
Infertility: Australian scientists work to eliminate hormone injections with IVM treatment
Posted on 25/08/2016 9:30:42 AM [#7373 ]
The impact of progesterone supplementation on pregnancy rates after intrauterine insemination in patients developing a single follicle
Posted on 25/08/2016 8:53:52 AM [#7372 ]
Does poor ovarian response to gonadotrophins predict early menopause? A retrospective cohort study with minimum of 10-year follow-up
Posted on 25/08/2016 7:24:06 AM [#7371 ]
Treatment of infertility does not increase the risk of ovarian cancer among women with a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation
Posted on 24/08/2016 8:26:16 AM [#7370 ]
Growth hormone co-treatment within a GnRH agonist long protocol improves implantation and pregnancy rates in patients undergoing IVF-ET
Posted on 9/08/2016 6:47:15 AM [#6341 ]
Still no strong evidence that adjunctive treatment with human growth hormone in IVF improves results
Posted on 28/07/2016 5:50:11 PM [#6307 ]
Superovulation Using the Combined Administration of Inhibin Antiserum and Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin Increases the Number of Ovulated Oocytes in C5
Posted on 23/06/2015 7:31:41 AM [#6224 ]
Successful ovulation of 100 eggs from one female mouse
Posted on 23/06/2015 7:30:19 AM [#6223 ]
Comparative prospective study of 2 ovarian stimulation protocols in poor responders: effect on implantation rate and ongoing pregnancy
Posted on 5/06/2015 7:31:39 AM [#6212 ]
Effects of female increased body mass index on in vitro fertilization cycles outcome
Posted on 17/03/2015 11:40:24 PM [#6156 ]
Twenty years’ experience with the Swiss data registry for assisted reproductive medicine: outcomes, key trends and recommendations for improved practi
Posted on 11/02/2015 11:56:24 PM [#6130 ]
Randomized, controlled, open-label, non-inferiority study of the CONSORT algorithm for individualized dosing of follitropin alfa
Posted on 6/02/2015 9:01:44 AM [#6120 ]
Timing luteal support in assisted reproductive technology: a systematic review
Posted on 6/02/2015 8:39:20 AM [#6115 ]
Efficacy and safety of late-start Corifollitropin-alfa administration for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in IVF: a cohort, case–control study
Posted on 19/01/2015 9:33:14 AM [#6089 ]
Estimating the net effect of progesterone elevation on the day of hCG on live birth rates after IVF: a cohort analysis of 3296 IVF cycles
Posted on 19/01/2015 9:21:26 AM [#6087 ]
The dynamic changes of anti-Mullerian hormone and inhibin B during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in decreased ovarian reserve women and the effe
Posted on 19/01/2015 9:10:35 AM [#6085 ]
Comparison of hCG triggering versus hCG in combination with a GnRH agonist: a prospective randomized controlled trial
Posted on 19/01/2015 8:51:05 AM [#6082 ]
Couple who spent £20,000 on IVF finally have a baby thanks to egg yolk and soya treatment.
Posted on 1/10/2014 7:58:42 AM [#6012 ]
Low-Cost IVF In Australia Shows Promise For Only $800
Posted on 1/10/2014 7:54:39 AM [#6011 ]
The impact of the time interval on in-vitro fertilisation success after failure of the first attempt.
Posted on 30/09/2014 10:34:26 PM [#6010 ]
Pituitary suppression with a GnRHa short protocol in an alternate day schedule associated with rhCG microdoses
Posted on 20/08/2014 5:34:20 PM [#5981 ]
Perinatal outcomes in 6,338 singletons born after intrauterine insemination in Denmark, 2007 to 2012: the influence of ovarian stimulation
Posted on 28/07/2014 2:35:52 PM [#5955 ]
Evaluation of kisspeptin-54 for egg maturation
Posted on 20/07/2014 5:29:24 AM [#5939 ]
Kisspeptin-54 triggers egg maturation in women undergoing in vitro fertilization
Posted on 20/07/2014 4:33:49 AM [#5938 ]
'Safer IVF' with kisspeptin hormone shows promise
Posted on 20/07/2014 4:30:43 AM [#5937 ]
Effect of pretreatment with transdermal testosterone on poor ovarian responders undergoing IVF/ICSI: A meta-analysis
Posted on 12/07/2014 8:36:58 AM [#5917 ]
Letrozole versus Clomiphene for Infertility in the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Posted on 11/07/2014 4:41:10 PM [#5913 ]
Letrozole may help women with polycystic ovary syndrome become pregnant
Posted on 11/07/2014 4:39:45 PM [#5912 ]
Sequential (hFSH + recFSH) vs homogenous (hFSH or recFSH alone) stimulation: clinical and biochemical (cumulus cell gene expression) aspects
Posted on 8/07/2014 4:29:21 PM [#5896 ]
No link between fertility drugs and breast, ovarian, uterine cancers, study finds
Posted on 2/07/2014 6:05:23 AM [#5874 ]
No link between fertility drugs and breast, ovarian and uterine cancers
Posted on 1/07/2014 8:05:26 AM [#5865 ]
Efficacy doubts over pre-IVF hysteroscopy
Posted on 1/07/2014 8:00:54 AM [#5863 ]
GnRH antagonist versus long GnRH agonist protocol in poor IVF responders: a randomized clinical trial
Posted on 27/06/2014 5:58:34 PM [#5852 ]
Live birth rates after IVF are reduced by both low and high progesterone levels on the day of human chorionic gonadotrophin administration
Posted on 27/06/2014 7:03:02 AM [#5850 ]
Association between intrafollicular concentration of benzene and outcome of controlled ovarian stimulation in IVF/ICSI cycles: a pilot study
Posted on 25/06/2014 9:15:53 AM [#5839 ]
A randomized clinical trial to determine optimal infertility treatment in older couples: the Forty and Over Treatment Trial (FORT-T)
Posted on 8/06/2014 9:24:06 AM [#5802 ]
Elevated fetal steroidogenic activity in autism
Posted on 4/06/2014 8:53:01 AM [#5790 ]
Children with autism have elevated levels of steroid hormones in the womb
Posted on 4/06/2014 8:51:19 AM [#5789 ]
Clinical rationale for cryopreservation of entire embryo cohorts in lieu of fresh transfer
Posted on 31/05/2014 7:57:35 AM [#5779 ]
Coasting, embryo development and outcomes of blastocyst transfer: a case–control study
Posted on 27/05/2014 6:04:58 AM [#5749 ]
Is there a critical endometrioma size associated with reduced ovarian responsiveness in assisted reproduction techniques?
Posted on 27/05/2014 6:01:07 AM [#5748 ]
Impact of high serum progesterone during the late follicular phase on IVF outcome
Posted on 27/05/2014 5:45:33 AM [#5745 ]
The rate of high ovarian response in women identified at risk by a high serum AMH level is influenced by the type of gonadotropin. [OPEN ACCESS]
Posted on 14/05/2014 5:39:54 AM [#5721 ]
Adding serum estradiol measurements to ultrasound monitoring does not change the yield of mature oocytes in IVF/ICSI.
Posted on 13/05/2014 6:28:54 PM [#5720 ]
Altered glucose metabolism in mouse and humans conceived by in-vitro fertilization (IVF)
Posted on 1/05/2014 9:22:12 PM [#5686 ]
AMH: its role in selecting the Stimulation protocol, Gonadotropin dosage and Egg quality [Powerpoint Presentation]
Posted on 1/05/2014 7:30:50 AM [#5675 ]
Worldwide survey of IVF practices: trigger, retrieval and embryo transfer techniques
Posted on 21/04/2014 9:07:01 AM [#5632 ]
What a difference two days make: “personalized” embryo transfer (pET) paradigm: A case report and pilot study
Posted on 19/04/2014 10:19:48 AM [#5627 ]
Cumulative Delivery Rate after Providing Full Reimbursement In Vitro Fertilization Programme: A 6-Years Survey
Posted on 19/04/2014 8:30:37 AM [#5626 ]
Multiple births don't have to be an inevitable result of fertility treatments
Posted on 17/04/2014 5:55:05 AM [#5623 ]
Embryological, clinical and ultrastructural study of human oocytes presenting indented zona pellucida
Posted on 16/04/2014 8:13:50 AM [#5618 ]
Efficacy of dehydroepiandrosterone to improve ovarian response in women with diminished ovarian reserve: a meta-analysis [2013 review]
Posted on 14/04/2014 8:55:09 AM [#5603 ]
DHEA pre-treated patients, poor responders to a first IVF (ICSI) cycle: clinical results.
Posted on 14/04/2014 8:51:08 AM [#5602 ]
“Mild” vs. “long” protocol for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in patients with expected poor ovarian responsiveness undergoing in vitro fertiliza
Posted on 11/04/2014 10:42:00 AM [#5596 ]
Type of Conception and Outcomes in Women with Singleton Pregnancy
Posted on 8/04/2014 1:53:50 PM [#5590 ]
A novel “delayed start” protocol with gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist improves outcomes in poor responders
Posted on 5/04/2014 12:40:50 PM [#5584 ]
Is the modified natural in vitro fertilization cycle justified in patients with “genuine” poor response to controlled ovarian hyperstimulation?
Posted on 5/04/2014 12:36:05 PM [#5583 ]
HCG (1500IU) administration on day 3 after oocytes retrieval, following GnRH-agonist trigger for final follicular maturation, results in high sufficie
Posted on 4/04/2014 9:58:51 PM [#5578 ]
Miscarriage risk linked to low IVF success
Posted on 25/03/2014 9:30:40 AM [#5564 ]
FDA Approves Combo IVF Drugs for Infertility
Posted on 21/03/2014 10:22:06 AM [#5553 ]
Spermatid count as a predictor of response to FSH therapy
Posted on 21/03/2014 10:09:39 AM [#5549 ]
Role of dehydroepiandrosterone in improving oocyte and embryo quality in IVF cycles
Posted on 21/03/2014 9:33:19 AM [#5541 ]
Foreigners seek IVF, plastic surgery at Czech clinics
Posted on 12/03/2014 9:59:26 AM [#5535 ]
Androgens regulate ovarian follicular development by increasing follicle stimulating hormone receptor and microRNA-125b expression
Posted on 5/03/2014 11:55:54 AM [#5525 ]
Female fertility: What's testosterone got to do with it? Research shows male hormones may enhance IVF therapy
Posted on 5/03/2014 11:54:26 AM [#5524 ]
Hypo-glycosylated human follicle-stimulating hormone (hFSH21/18) is much more active in vitro than fully-glycosylated hFSH (hFSH24)
Posted on 6/02/2014 9:05:16 AM [#5448 ]
Luteinizing hormone and human chorionic gonadotropin: Origins of difference [Open Access]
Posted on 6/02/2014 8:55:25 AM [#5447 ]
First live births with a novel simplified IVF procedure
Posted on 5/02/2014 2:47:02 PM [#5444 ]
Oocyte number as a predictor for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and live birth: an analysis of 256,381 in vitro fertilization cycles
Posted on 31/01/2014 5:00:33 AM [#4438 ]
First baby is born here to couple using new method of IVF
Posted on 18/01/2014 8:32:45 PM [#4409 ]
Could empirical low-dose-aspirin administration during IVF cycle affect both the oocytes and embryos quality via COX 1–2 activity inhibition?
Posted on 18/01/2014 8:13:41 PM [#4404 ]
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay measurements of antimüllerian hormone (AMH) in human blood are a composite of the uncleaved and bioactive cleaved fo
Posted on 16/01/2014 2:47:05 PM [#4397 ]
Higher Risk of Birth Problems After Assisted Conception
Posted on 13/01/2014 2:54:13 PM [#4393 ]
Continuous high-dose estrogen controls serum FSH and LH levels: new treatment strategy for extremely low ovarian reserve patients, two case reports.
Posted on 11/01/2014 12:11:33 PM [#4385 ]
Is ovarian hyperstimulation associated with higher blood pressure in 4-year-old IVF offspring? Part I: multivariable regression analysis
Posted on 11/01/2014 10:47:55 AM [#4384 ]
Cabergoline for the prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Posted on 21/12/2013 10:27:43 AM [#4350 ]
Ovarian sensitivity index is a better measure of ovarian responsiveness to gonadotrophin stimulation than the number of oocytes during in-vitro fertil
Posted on 15/12/2013 10:39:08 AM [#4333 ]
IVF with planned single-embryo transfer versus IUI with ovarian stimulation in couples with unexplained subfertility: an economic analysis
Posted on 8/12/2013 10:40:55 PM [#4320 ]
Individualization of controlled ovarian stimulation in IVF using ovarian reserve markers: from theory to practice
Posted on 5/12/2013 4:06:11 PM [#4312 ]
Low-dose metformin improves pregnancy rate in in vitro fertilization repeaters without polycystic ovary syndrome: Prediction of effectiveness by multi
Posted on 5/12/2013 12:26:59 PM [#4310 ]
Can we prevent premature luteinization in IVF cycles?
Posted on 5/12/2013 12:21:07 PM [#4309 ]
Association Between AMH, Oocyte Number and Availability of Embryos for Cryopreservation in IVF
Posted on 5/12/2013 11:41:25 AM [#4308 ]
The impact of legally restricted embryo transfer and reimbursement policy on cumulative delivery rate after treatment with assisted reproduction techn
Posted on 28/11/2013 4:12:08 PM [#4291 ]
Delivery Rates Unaffected by Transferring Fewer Embryos, Reimbursing Six Cycles of Fertility Treatment
Posted on 28/11/2013 4:09:55 PM [#4290 ]
Multiple births to older mothers soars
Posted on 22/11/2013 7:49:33 PM [#4288 ]
Differences in cumulus cells gene expression between modified natural and stimulated in vitro fertilization cycles
Posted on 20/11/2013 8:09:21 AM [#4273 ]
Anti-Mullerian hormone: reality check
Posted on 17/11/2013 8:30:34 AM [#4257 ]
Ovarian response markers lead to appropriate and effective use of corifollitropin alpha in assisted reproduction
Posted on 31/10/2013 9:34:44 AM [#4226 ]
'Mini-IVF,' using fewer drugs, sees greater success in women over 35
Posted on 21/10/2013 7:04:59 AM [#4193 ]
Comparison of early versus late initiation of GnRH antagonist co-treatment for controlled ovarian stimulation in IVF: a randomized controlled trial
Posted on 18/10/2013 9:49:18 PM [#4174 ]
IVF endocrinology: the Edwards era
Posted on 18/10/2013 9:35:09 PM [#4170 ]
Efficacy and safety of IVF/ICSI in patients with severe endometriosis after long-term pituitary down-regulation
Posted on 13/10/2013 3:51:35 PM [#4160 ]
Individualization of controlled ovarian stimulation in IVF using ovarian reserve markers: from theory to practice
Posted on 3/10/2013 6:47:53 PM [#4125 ]
Hippo signaling disruption and Akt stimulation of ovarian follicles for infertility treatment
Posted on 2/10/2013 8:53:31 AM [#4116 ]
Accumulation of oocytes from a few modified natural cycles to improve IVF results: a pilot study
Posted on 2/10/2013 8:26:48 AM [#4112 ]
Involvement of androgens in ovarian health and disease
Posted on 2/10/2013 8:21:10 AM [#4111 ]
‘IVF lite’ delivers its first baby
Posted on 29/09/2013 8:10:27 AM [#4098 ]
Influence of FSHR Diplotypes on Ovarian Response to Standard Gonadotropin Stimulation for IVF/ICSI
Posted on 21/09/2013 6:48:45 PM [#4072 ]
Long-term pituitary downregulation before frozen embryo transfer could improve pregnancy outcomes in women with adenomyosis
Posted on 8/09/2013 9:40:25 AM [#4021 ]
The Measurement of Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH)
Posted on 8/09/2013 9:37:00 AM [#4020 ]
Dual trigger with combination of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist and human chorionic gonadotropin significantly improves the live-birth rate fo
Posted on 8/09/2013 9:13:39 AM [#4013 ]
Dual trigger with combination of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist and human chorionic gonadotropin significantly improves the live-birth rate fo
Posted on 1/09/2013 11:29:03 PM [#3986 ]
What is the optimal means of preparing the endometrium in frozen–thawed embryo transfer cycles? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 1/09/2013 11:26:02 PM [#3985 ]
Severe early ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome following GnRH agonist trigger with the addition of 1500 IU hCG
Posted on 1/09/2013 11:24:08 PM [#3984 ]
Low-dose hCG supplementation after GnRH agonist triggering: don't be too quick on the trigger
Posted on 1/09/2013 11:18:07 PM [#3982 ]
Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation regimens: a review of the available evidence for clinical practice. On behalf of the British Fertility Society P&P
Posted on 19/08/2013 6:14:54 PM [#3955 ]
Using the ovarian sensitivity index to define poor, normal, and high response after controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in the long gonadotropin-relea
Posted on 16/08/2013 3:54:22 PM [#3951 ]
Effects of caloric intake timing on insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism in lean women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Posted on 14/08/2013 10:54:05 PM [#3942 ]
Meal Timing Can Significantly Improve Fertility in Women With Polycystic Ovaries
Posted on 14/08/2013 10:52:42 PM [#3941 ]
DHEA supplementation positively affects spontaneous pregnancies in women with diminished ovarian function.
Posted on 31/07/2013 10:32:17 PM [#3898 ]
Modified Fixed Two Step Short Protocol versus Classic Short Protocol in ICSI
Posted on 26/07/2013 6:49:18 AM [#3877 ]
Anti-Müllerian hormone versus antral follicle count for defining the starting dose of FSH
Posted on 25/07/2013 5:36:19 PM [#3869 ]
Establishing a combined stimulation protocol hFSH followed by rFSH might represent a breakthrough in the IVF practice
Posted on 23/07/2013 9:45:10 AM [#3866 ]
Simultaneous administration of human acidic and recombinant less acidic follicle-stimulating hormone for ovarian stimulation improves oocyte and embry
Posted on 23/07/2013 9:42:18 AM [#3865 ]
High live birth rate in the subsequent IVF cycle after first-cycle poor response among women with mean age 35 and normal FSH
Posted on 20/07/2013 7:05:09 AM [#3847 ]
FSH receptor genotype does not predict metaphase-II oocyte output or fertilization rates in ICSI patients
Posted on 2/07/2013 4:49:14 PM [#3818 ]
Follicle recruitment determines IVF productivity rate via the number of embryos frozen and subsequent transfers
Posted on 29/06/2013 3:41:55 PM [#3814 ]
First baby born using new lower risk IVF treatment
Posted on 18/06/2013 3:11:34 PM [#2792 ]
Hormone breakthrough offers hope of safer fertility treatment
Posted on 18/06/2013 3:08:52 PM [#2791 ]
IVF: First baby born using 'safer' method
Posted on 18/06/2013 3:06:15 PM [#2790 ]
Oocyte-derived R-spondin2 promotes ovarian follicle development
Posted on 1/06/2013 4:07:38 PM [#2780 ]
Newly Discovered Hormone Makes Ovaries Grow
Posted on 1/06/2013 4:04:31 PM [#2779 ]
Metabolite Profiling in the Pursuit of Biomarkers for IVF Outcome: The Case for Metabolomics Studies
Posted on 25/01/2013 8:22:49 AM [#2658 ]
Immature Oocytes in “Apparent Empty Follicle Syndrome”: A Case Report
Posted on 25/01/2013 8:19:15 AM [#2657 ]
Luteal phase support for assisted reproduction cycles
Posted on 23/11/2012 8:34:37 AM [#2582 ]
In vitro fertilisation for unexplained subfertility
Posted on 23/11/2012 8:31:29 AM [#2581 ]
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and prophylactic human embryo cryopreservation: analysis of reproductive outcome following thawed ET
Posted on 23/11/2012 8:18:30 AM [#2578 ]
Perifollicular blood flow and pregnancy in superovulated intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycles: An observational comparison of recombinant follicle-s
Posted on 4/10/2012 8:28:39 AM [#2468 ]
Follicular fluid VEGF levels directly correlate with perifollicular blood flow in normoresponder patients undergoing IVF.
Posted on 4/10/2012 8:02:45 AM [#2469 ]
Effects of transdermal testosterone in poor responders undergoing IVF: systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 22/09/2012 8:34:49 AM [#2447 ]
Altered gene expression profile in cumulus cells of mature MII oocytes from patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
Posted on 7/09/2012 9:18:30 AM [#2406 ]
An updated survey: the use of progesterone for luteal phase support.
Posted on 20/08/2012 7:18:20 AM [#2369 ]
Psychological stress and reproductive aging among pre-menopausal women
Posted on 11/08/2012 11:07:08 AM [#2349 ]
Serum FSH Levels in Coasting Programmes on the hCG Day and Their Clinical Outcomes in IVF ± ICSI Cycles
Posted on 18/07/2012 5:13:05 PM [#2303 ]
Fertility Drugs and Young-Onset Breast Cancer: Results From the Two Sister Study
Posted on 7/07/2012 12:13:51 PM [#2254 ]
Breast Cancer Risk After Use of Fertility Drugs: Stimulating New Controversy
Posted on 7/07/2012 12:07:56 PM [#2253 ]
Unsuccessful Fertility Drug Users Have Reduced Breast Cancer Risk, Study Suggests
Posted on 7/07/2012 12:06:35 PM [#2252 ]
A high intake of certain dietary fats associated with lower live birth rates, decreased oocyte number and poorer embryo quality in IVF
Posted on 4/07/2012 11:10:42 AM [#2237 ]
Full-Term Children Conceived With Fertility Drugs Are Shorter Than Their Peers
Posted on 26/06/2012 10:53:03 PM [#2203 ]
Long-acting FSH versus daily FSH for women undergoing assisted reproduction
Posted on 15/06/2012 11:45:02 AM [#2176 ]
New Weekly Fertility Injections Work as Well as Daily, Study Suggests
Posted on 15/06/2012 11:43:38 AM [#2175 ]
Effect of hCG priming on embryonic development of immature oocytes collected from unstimulated women with polycystic ovarian syndrome
Posted on 28/05/2012 11:41:38 PM [#2125 ]
GnRH agonist versus GnRH antagonist in assisted reproduction cycles: oocyte morphology
Posted on 28/05/2012 11:39:05 PM [#2124 ]
Accumulation of oocytes: a new strategy for managing low-responder patients
Posted on 23/05/2012 9:56:21 AM [#2086 ]
Individualised controlled ovarian stimulation (iCOS): maximising success rates for assisted reproductive technology patients
Posted on 20/05/2012 9:50:50 AM [#2076 ]
Dual trigger of oocyte maturation with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist and low-dose hCG OHSS
Posted on 8/04/2012 8:42:43 AM [#1984 ]
Luteal phase support for assisted reproduction cycles
Posted on 3/04/2012 8:09:12 AM [#1969 ]
Elevated progesterone during ovarian stimulation for IVF
Posted on 22/03/2012 8:49:00 AM [#1945 ]
Discovery of a Molecule That Initiates Maturation of Mammalian Eggs Can Lead to More IVF Pregnancies
Posted on 7/03/2012 9:28:09 AM [#1893 ]
Targeted gonadotrophin stimulation using the PIVET algorithm markedly reduces the risk of OHSS
Posted on 6/03/2012 7:56:01 AM [#1884 ]
Meta-analysis of GnRH antagonist protocols: do they reduce the risk of OHSS in PCOS?
Posted on 20/01/2012 8:54:33 AM [#1847 ]
Patient preferences for characteristics differentiating ovarian stimulation treatments
Posted on 13/01/2012 9:26:01 AM [#1837 ]
Anti-Müllerian hormone: clairvoyance or crystal clear?
Posted on 13/01/2012 9:17:17 AM [#1835 ]
Similarly increased congenital anomaly rates after intrauterine insemination and IVF technologies: a
Posted on 13/01/2012 9:13:44 AM [#1834 ]
Lack of association between endogenous LH and pregnancy in GnRH antagonist protocols
Posted on 6/12/2011 7:09:18 AM [#1815 ]
Oestradiol valerate pretreatment in GnRH-antagonist cycles: a randomized controlled trial
Posted on 6/12/2011 7:07:38 AM [#1814 ]
Anti-Müllerian hormone-tailored stimulation protocols improve outcomes whilst reducing adverse effec
Posted on 24/11/2011 1:43:21 PM [#1804 ]
Premature LH surges do not affect pregnancy rates with unstimulated-cycle frozen–thawed embryo trans
Posted on 19/11/2011 8:28:16 AM [#1797 ]
Perspectives of mild cycle IVF: a qualitative study
Posted on 9/11/2011 7:31:41 AM [#1771 ]
Interview with Prof. Alviggi
Posted on 3/11/2011 9:59:28 AM [#1766 ]
Individualized COS to optimize the quantity and quality of oocytes and embryos generated in ART cycl
Posted on 3/11/2011 9:57:45 AM [#1765 ]
Risk of borderline and invasive ovarian tumours after ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization
Posted on 1/11/2011 10:19:06 AM [#1757 ]
Clinical use of a model to predict the viability of early intrauterine pregnancies when no embryo is
Posted on 25/10/2011 9:07:42 PM [#1740 ]
Publish or perish: a maxim relevant to authors, readers and editors alike
Posted on 7/09/2011 10:23:34 AM [#1652 ]
Anti-Mullerian Hormone and the Embryologist
Posted on 20/08/2011 9:28:54 AM [#1624 ]
Assisted procreation and its impact on couple sexuality Valentino Valeria
Posted on 17/08/2011 11:18:03 AM [#1614 ]
A standardized measurement technique may improve the reliability of measurements of endometrial thic
Posted on 14/08/2011 3:06:38 PM [#1596 ]
Evidence of impaired endometrial receptivity after ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization: a
Posted on 14/08/2011 8:42:08 AM [#1585 ]
Corifollitropin alfa doses based on body weight: clinical overview of drug exposure and ovarian resp
Posted on 9/08/2011 4:27:02 PM [#1569 ]
A single nucleotide polymorphism in BMP15 is associated with high response to controlled ovarian hyp
Posted on 29/07/2011 2:41:03 PM [#1536 ]
IVF Treatment and Multiple Births: Free-Market Patient Rights Versus Government Regulation
Posted on 29/07/2011 2:34:25 PM [#1534 ]
Lottery offers IVF treatment prize
Posted on 17/07/2011 11:17:54 PM [#1529 ]
DHEA as a miracle drug in the treatment of poor responders: hype or hope?
Posted on 16/07/2011 8:34:32 AM [#1521 ]
Betting for a baby: To Hatch launches an IVF lottery
Posted on 12/07/2011 5:14:05 PM [#1516 ]
Simple Test Gives Accurate Prediction of Ovulation to Help Women Become Pregnant
Posted on 7/07/2011 5:44:30 AM [#1502 ]
Could ovarian stimulation cause an increase in chromosome copy number abnormalities in the oocytes o
Posted on 6/07/2011 7:11:41 AM [#1494 ]
Study helps disentangle the relationship between maternal, IVF methods and singleton IVF children
Posted on 6/07/2011 7:05:07 AM [#1492 ]
High doses of IVF drugs may cause harm to eggs
Posted on 5/07/2011 8:39:43 AM [#1484 ]
Follicular Phase Endocrine Characteristics during Ovarian Stimulation and GnRH Antagonist Cotreatmen
Posted on 1/07/2011 2:41:16 PM [#1474 ]
Use of in-cycle antimüllerian hormone levels to predict cycle outcome
Posted on 16/06/2011 11:13:42 PM [#1439 ]
ESHRE consensus on the definition of poor response to ovarian stimulation for IVF: the Bologna crite
Posted on 16/06/2011 7:00:32 AM [#1449 ]
Live birth chances in women with extremely low-serum anti-Mullerian hormone levels
Posted on 15/06/2011 8:41:44 PM [#1447 ]
Follicular Phase Endocrine Characteristics during Ovarian Stimulation and GnRH Antagonist Cotreatmen
Posted on 31/05/2011 11:49:29 AM [#1379 ]
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