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HIRA contributes to zygote formation in mice and is implicated in human 1PN zygote phenotype
Posted on 4/12/2021 11:46:45 PM [#8914 ]
The role of ATP in the differential ability of Sr2+ to trigger Ca2+ oscillations in mouse and human eggs
Posted on 2/07/2021 8:23:46 AM [#8869 ]
Migration speed of nucleolus precursor bodies in human male pronuclei: a novel parameter for predicting live birth
Posted on 15/05/2021 5:42:10 PM [#8924 ]
Assisted oocyte activation effects on the morphokinetic pattern of derived embryos
Posted on 10/01/2021 7:14:13 AM [#8843 ]
Obstetric and neonatal outcomes after the transfer of vitrified-warmed blastocysts developing from nonpronuclear and monopronuclear zygotes: a retrosp
Posted on 29/12/2020 7:09:23 AM [#8829 ]
[Ca2+]i oscillations in human sperm are triggered in the flagellum by membrane potential-sensitive activity of CatSper
Posted on 14/12/2020 11:37:22 PM [#8796 ]
Exposure of human fallopian tube epithelium to elevated testosterone re
Posted on 15/09/2020 6:35:34 AM [#8684 ]
Fallopian tube epithelial cells express androgen receptor and have a distinct hormonal responsiveness when compared with endometrial epithelium
Posted on 15/09/2020 6:28:29 AM [#8683 ]
Calcium Oscillatory Patterns and Oocyte Activation During Fertilization: a Possible Mechanism for Total Fertilization Failure (TFF) in Human In Vitro
Posted on 22/08/2020 8:43:26 AM [#8662 ]
MicroRNA expression profile analysis in sperm reveals hsa-mir-191 as an auspicious omen of in vitro fertilization
Posted on 17/08/2020 9:27:28 AM [#8654 ]
Ca 2+ signaling in mammalian spermatozoa
Posted on 28/07/2020 7:50:41 AM [#8621 ]
Human eggs release chemicals that attract some sperm more than others.
Posted on 17/06/2020 9:27:04 AM [#8566 ]
Chemical signals from eggs facilitate cryptic female choice in humans
Posted on 16/06/2020 8:58:57 PM [#8563 ]
First Birth Following Assisted Sperm Fusion Insemination Using Sperm Bound to Zona Pellucida
Posted on 15/06/2020 6:19:43 PM [#8559 ]
Preimplantation loss of fertilized human ova: estimating the unobservable
Posted on 21/04/2020 11:34:51 PM [#8475 ]
Effects of the normal sperm morphology rate on the clinical and neonatal outcomes of conventional IVF cycles
Posted on 24/03/2020 11:41:30 PM [#8445 ]
Egg maturity assessment prior to ICSI prevents premature fertilization of late-maturing oocytes
Posted on 26/11/2019 7:22:47 AM [#8315 ]
Human Egg Maturity Assessment and Its Clinical Application
Posted on 26/11/2019 7:11:55 AM [#8314 ]
Transient Sperm Starvation Improves the Outcome of Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Posted on 24/11/2019 6:57:36 AM [#8312 ]
When to do intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a prospective comparison
Posted on 24/10/2019 6:50:31 AM [#8281 ]
A Neofunctionalized X-Linked Ampliconic Gene Family Is Essential for Male Fertility and Equal Sex Ratio in Mice
Posted on 20/10/2019 8:01:10 AM [#8280 ]
Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection, but for whom?
Posted on 22/08/2019 12:06:25 AM [#8230 ]
Advanced sperm selection techniques for assisted reproduction
Posted on 22/08/2019 12:01:09 AM [#8229 ]
Novel phospholipase C zeta 1 mutations associated with fertilization failures after ICSI
Posted on 28/07/2019 11:34:55 PM [#8218 ]
Re-evaluation of the value of sperm morphology in classical in vitro fertilization in a Northeastern Chinese population
Posted on 11/07/2019 10:20:40 PM [#8203 ]
Molecular Support for Heterogonesis Resulting in Sesquizygotic Twinning
Posted on 1/03/2019 6:35:25 AM [#8074 ]
Posted on 16/01/2019 8:06:58 AM [#8033 ]
A successful healthy childbirth and an ongoing evolutive pregnancy in a case of partial globozoospermia by hyaluronic acid sperm selection
Posted on 16/01/2019 7:52:22 AM [#8032 ]
An oviduct-on-a-chip provides an enhanced in vitro environment for zygote genome reprogramming
Posted on 10/01/2019 9:15:29 AM [#8029 ]
'Extremely rare' twins born in Brisbane in second reported case in the world
Posted on 3/01/2019 6:32:22 AM [#8073 ]
Biparental Inheritance of Mitochondrial DNA in Humans
Posted on 28/11/2018 8:57:45 AM [#7960 ]
Some rare fathers pass on an extra kind of DNA to their children
Posted on 28/11/2018 8:55:41 AM [#7959 ]
A randomized triple blind controlled trial comparing the live birth rate of IVF following brief incubation versus standard incubation of gametes
Posted on 24/11/2018 10:19:49 AM [#7946 ]
Mammalian sperm contain two factors for calcium release and egg activation: Phospholipase C zeta and a cryptic activating factor
Posted on 29/09/2018 6:54:25 AM [#7898 ]
Is semen analysis without strict criteria misleading decisions in IVF? A prospective systematic study
Posted on 27/09/2018 10:47:16 PM [#7894 ]
A novel solution for freezing small numbers of spermatozoa using a sperm vitrification device
Posted on 10/09/2018 12:15:48 PM [#7907 ]
The molecular basis of fertilization (Review)
Posted on 9/09/2018 9:27:54 AM [#7884 ]
Focused time-lapse analysis reveals novel aspects of human fertilization and suggests new parameters of embryo viability
Posted on 1/08/2018 6:57:59 AM [#7713 ]
Do Sperm Really Compete and Do Eggs Ever Have a Choice? Adult Distribution and Gamete Mixing Influence Sexual Selection, Sexual Conflict, and the Evol
Posted on 9/11/2017 11:33:35 AM [#7673 ]
Rival sperm and choosy eggs: When sperm compete , eggs have a choice [Sea urchin].
Posted on 11/09/2017 11:31:02 AM [#7672 ]
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection using hyaluronic acid or polyvinylpyrrolidone: a time-lapse sibling oocyte study
Posted on 10/09/2017 9:05:25 AM [#7630 ]
Automated analysis of individual sperm cells using stain-free interferometric phase microscopy and machine learning
Posted on 28/08/2017 10:19:29 PM [#7603 ]
Human in vitro fertilization could evolve thanks to piglet study
Posted on 21/07/2017 12:31:40 AM [#7592 ]
`This is where it all started` – the pivotal role of PLCζ:: within the sophisticated process of mammalian reproduction: a systemic review
Posted on 25/05/2017 6:12:27 AM [#7578 ]
Biological basis for human capacitation revisited
Posted on 19/05/2017 6:32:43 AM [#7560 ]
Male infertility research reveals how a new life begins
Posted on 10/03/2017 5:17:10 AM [#7511 ]
Fertilized egg cells trigger, monitor loss of sperm's epigenetic memory
Posted on 15/12/2016 10:36:22 PM [#7438 ]
SUV4-20 activity in the preimplantation mouse embryo controls timely replication
Posted on 8/12/2016 8:22:47 AM [#7434 ]
What happens in the cell nucleus after fertilization?
Posted on 8/12/2016 8:20:23 AM [#7433 ]
Microfluidic devices for the study of sperm migration
Posted on 19/11/2016 11:28:30 PM [#7422 ]
Behavioral mechanisms of mammalian sperm guidance
Posted on 19/11/2016 11:22:36 PM [#7421 ]
Adjuvant gonadotrophin-releasing hormone agonist trigger with human chorionic gonadotrophin to enhance ooplasmic maturity
Posted on 2/09/2016 9:13:21 AM [#7393 ]
Artificial oocyte activation with calcium ionophore does not cause a widespread increase in chromosome segregation errors in the second meiotic divisi
Posted on 24/08/2016 8:20:09 AM [#7369 ]
Effect of two assisted oocyte activation protocols used to overcome fertilization failure on the activation potential and calcium releasing pattern
Posted on 24/08/2016 8:13:34 AM [#7368 ]
Does advancing male age influence the expression levels and localisation patterns of phospholipase C zeta (PLCζ:) in human sperm?
Posted on 12/08/2016 6:43:51 AM [#6351 ]
Asymmetric division of contractile domains couples cell positioning and fate specification
Posted on 4/08/2016 5:10:45 PM [#6334 ]
A step closer to understanding fertilization
Posted on 10/02/2016 12:42:18 AM [#6284 ]
Why mice have longer sperm than elephants
Posted on 26/11/2015 11:36:44 AM [#6280 ]
Study reveals the genetic start-up of a human embryo
Posted on 5/09/2015 10:24:37 AM [#6261 ]
Regulator of G-protein signaling 2 (RGS2) suppresses premature calcium release in mouse eggs
Posted on 27/08/2015 6:23:03 AM [#6245 ]
Researchers identify protein in mice that helps prepare for healthy egg-sperm union
Posted on 27/08/2015 6:20:52 AM [#6244 ]
Sperm Lysozyme-Like Protein 1 (SLLP1), an intra-acrosomal oolemmal-binding sperm protein, reveals filamentous organization in protein crystal form
Posted on 27/08/2015 6:15:44 AM [#6243 ]
Fertilization discovery: Do sperm wield tiny harpoons?
Posted on 27/08/2015 6:14:03 AM [#6242 ]
PLCz disruption with complete fertilization failure in normozoospermia
Posted on 2/07/2015 11:06:27 PM [#6233 ]
PLCζ: or PAWP: revisiting the putative mammalian sperm factor that triggers egg activation and embryogenesis
Posted on 27/06/2015 10:05:12 AM [#6229 ]
Uncommon but devastating event: total fertilisation failure following intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Posted on 2/06/2015 8:20:22 AM [#6208 ]
Paternally contributed centrioles exhibit exceptional persistence in C. elegans embryos
Posted on 25/04/2015 2:19:46 PM [#6169 ]
Beyond genes: Are centrioles carriers of biological information?
Posted on 25/04/2015 2:18:05 PM [#6168 ]
APRIL JOURNAL CLUB - Use of Ionophores
Posted on 12/04/2015 8:00:10 AM [#6166 ]
A plea for caution and more research in the ‘experimental’ use of ionophores in ICSI
Posted on 12/04/2015 6:43:16 AM [#6165 ]
Advanced sperm selection techniques for assisted reproduction
Posted on 30/10/2014 12:18:28 PM [#6051 ]
Sperm-derived WW domain-binding protein, PAWP, elicits calcium oscillations and oocyte activation in humans and mice
Posted on 1/10/2014 7:42:41 PM [#6016 ]
Synthetic sperm protein raises the chance for successful in vitro fertilization
Posted on 1/10/2014 7:40:48 PM [#6015 ]
Acrosome reaction is impaired in spermatozoa of obese men: a preliminary study
Posted on 18/09/2014 5:55:09 PM [#5995 ]
Sperm content of postacrosomal WW binding protein is related to fertilization outcomes in patients undergoing assisted reproductive technology
Posted on 25/08/2014 6:53:09 PM [#5984 ]
Human oocyte-derived sperm chemoattractant is a hydrophobic molecule associated with a carrier protein
Posted on 28/07/2014 2:30:03 PM [#5954 ]
Human PLCζ:: exhibits superior fertilization potency over mouse PLCζ:: in triggering the Ca2+ oscillations required for mammalian oocyte activ
Posted on 19/05/2014 8:43:48 AM [#5741 ]
Clinical and Structural Features of Sperm Head Vacuoles in Men Included in the In Vitro Fertilization Programme
Posted on 16/05/2014 6:24:47 PM [#5736 ]
Paternal Mitochondrial Destruction after Fertilization Is Mediated by a Common Endocytic and Autophagic Pathway in Drosophila
Posted on 16/05/2014 8:46:31 AM [#5734 ]
Inheriting Mitochondria: Where does your father's go?
Posted on 16/05/2014 8:44:39 AM [#5733 ]
Total fertilization failure in intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection cycles – classification and management.
Posted on 13/05/2014 6:22:44 PM [#5719 ]
Protein phospholipase C Zeta1 expression in patients with failed ICSI but with normal sperm parameters
Posted on 1/05/2014 9:00:31 PM [#5683 ]
Juno is the egg Izumo receptor and is essential for mammalian fertilization
Posted on 17/04/2014 5:45:19 AM [#5622 ]
Sperm meets egg: Protein essential for fertilization discovered
Posted on 17/04/2014 5:42:51 AM [#5621 ]
Regulation of acrosome reaction by Liprin α:3, LAR and its ligands in mouse spermatozoa
Posted on 28/02/2014 7:53:37 PM [#5513 ]
Capacitation and Ca2+ influx in spermatozoa: role of CNG channels and protein kinase G
Posted on 21/02/2014 10:10:14 PM [#5486 ]
Soon, 3D technique to sort fast sperms from slow ones
Posted on 15/02/2014 5:07:50 PM [#5477 ]
Influence of temperature and sperm preparation on the quality of spermatozoa
Posted on 31/01/2014 5:18:24 AM [#4441 ]
Healthy live birth using theophylline in a case of retrograde ejaculation and absolute asthenozoospermia
Posted on 2/12/2013 9:18:32 AM [#4299 ]
Association between sequence variations in genes encoding human zona pellucida glycoproteins and fertilization failure in IVF
Posted on 25/11/2013 7:42:15 AM [#4289 ]
Correlation between follicular diameters and flushing versus no flushing on oocyte maturity, fertilization rate and embryo quality
Posted on 8/11/2013 6:46:20 AM [#4237 ]
Physicist Pairs Up with Bioengineer to Help IVF Specialists Identify Healthiest Sperm
Posted on 4/11/2013 9:02:11 AM [#4233 ]
Sperm attachment and penetration competence in the human oocyte: a possible aetiology of fertilization failure involving the organization of oolemmal
Posted on 26/10/2013 6:35:16 PM [#4203 ]
Elimination of apoptotic spermatozoa by magnetic-activated cell sorting improves the fertilization rate of couples treated with ICSI procedure
Posted on 20/10/2013 11:24:50 PM [#4189 ]
Neonatal and neurodevelopmental outcome of children aged 3–10 years born following assisted oocyte activation
Posted on 16/09/2013 10:22:24 PM [#4040 ]
Severe early ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome following GnRH agonist trigger with the addition of 1500 IU hCG
Posted on 1/09/2013 11:24:08 PM [#3984 ]
How Females Choose the 'Right' Sperm [fish species!]
Posted on 21/08/2013 7:32:29 AM [#3964 ]
The centriolar satellite protein SSX2IP promotes centrosome maturation
Posted on 15/08/2013 10:16:49 PM [#3946 ]
How 'Teamwork' Between Egg and Sperm Works: Little-Known Protein Identified in Vertebrate Fertilization Process
Posted on 15/08/2013 10:14:30 PM [#3945 ]
Time of insemination culture and outcomes of in vitro fertilization: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 8/08/2013 10:59:51 PM [#3936 ]
Hatching of in vitro fertilized human embryos is influenced by fertilization method
Posted on 6/08/2013 3:57:39 PM [#3923 ]
Annexin V-binding and Assisted Reproduction Techniques
Posted on 26/07/2013 6:51:03 AM [#3878 ]
Zeta potential vs apoptotic marker: which is more suitable for ICSI sperm selection?
Posted on 23/07/2013 9:51:29 AM [#3867 ]
Oocyte insemination techniques are related to alterations of embryo developmental timing in an oocyte donation model
Posted on 20/07/2013 7:11:09 AM [#3850 ]
Does intracytoplasmic sperm injection improve the fertilization rate and decrease the total fertilization failure rate in couples with well-defined un
Posted on 21/06/2013 7:50:32 PM [#3799 ]
Tetraploidy in hydatidiform moles
Posted on 20/06/2013 8:53:14 PM [#3796 ]
Fetuin-B, a Liver-Derived Plasma Protein Is Essential for Fertilization
Posted on 26/04/2013 12:32:15 AM [#2756 ]
Important Fertility Mechanism Discovered
Posted on 26/04/2013 12:24:56 AM [#2755 ]
The molecular basis of gamete recognition in mice and humans
Posted on 23/04/2013 4:40:35 PM [#2752 ]
Gamete activation
Posted on 26/01/2013 9:18:08 AM [#2664 ]
The dynamics of PKC-induced phosphorylation triggered by Ca2+ oscillations in mouse eggs
Posted on 23/11/2012 9:26:21 AM [#2588 ]
Three-person IVF trial 'success'
Posted on 25/10/2012 10:28:48 PM [#2527 ]
Egg activation in physiological polyspermy
Posted on 16/10/2012 10:27:32 AM [#2503 ]
Phospholipase C-ζ:-induced Ca2+ oscillations cause coincident cytoplasmic movements in human oocytes that failed to fertilize after ICSI.
Posted on 23/09/2012 10:43:57 AM [#2455 ]
Male Infertility: 'Kick-Starting' Male Fertility With Missing Protein
Posted on 23/09/2012 10:41:40 AM [#2454 ]
Comparison of two ready-to-use systems designed for sperm–hyaluronic acid binding selection before ICSI: PICSI vs. Sperm Slow: a prospective, randomiz
Posted on 11/09/2012 8:01:31 PM [#2423 ]
Human sperm head vacuoles are physiological structures formed during the sperm development and maturation process
Posted on 7/09/2012 12:09:16 PM [#2409 ]
PLCζ: and its role as a trigger of development in vertebrates
Posted on 7/08/2012 8:54:28 AM [#2339 ]
The zygote Chapter 2.
Posted on 5/08/2012 8:50:39 AM [#2333 ]
Schematic representation of the current understanding of PLCζ: mechanism of action
Posted on 20/07/2012 9:26:57 AM [#2316 ]
Calcium wave as observed using calcium-green-1-dextran in aXenopusegg
Posted on 20/07/2012 9:25:24 AM [#2315 ]
Oocyte activation and phospholipase C zeta (PLCζ::): diagnostic and therapeutic implications for assisted reproductive technology
Posted on 20/07/2012 9:21:38 AM [#2314 ]
Ovastacin cuts off sperm binding
Posted on 9/07/2012 8:59:55 AM [#2260 ]
Ovastacin, a cortical granule protease, cleaves ZP2 in the zona pellucida to prevent polyspermy
Posted on 9/07/2012 8:57:20 AM [#2259 ]
Ovastacin Cuts Off Sperm Binding
Posted on 9/07/2012 8:55:38 AM [#2258 ]
IVFCPD Module #7 - Understanding Failed Fertilisation
Posted on 29/06/2012 8:39:33 AM [#2215 ]
Human sperm devoid of PLC, zeta 1 fail to induce Ca2+ release and are unable to initiate the first step of embryo development
Posted on 28/06/2012 11:43:05 AM [#2212 ]
The cover image of Human Reproduction Updates April 2012 shows the known pathways of spindle assemble checkpoint (SAC) regulators in meiosis.
Posted on 25/05/2012 10:21:05 AM [#2100 ]
Cover Image of Human Reproduction 2012, February
Posted on 25/05/2012 9:18:06 AM [#2098 ]
Protein disulfide isomerase homolog PDILT is required for quality control of sperm membrane protein
Posted on 3/05/2012 8:56:42 AM [#2025 ]
Gene Involved in Sperm-To-Egg Binding Is Key to Fertility in Mammals
Posted on 3/05/2012 8:55:27 AM [#2024 ]
The Testicular and Epididymal Expression Profile of PLCζ: in Mouse and Human Does Not Support It
Posted on 9/04/2012 10:35:57 PM [#1987 ]
Ovastacin, a cortical granule protease, cleaves ZP2 in the zona pellucida to prevent polyspermy
Posted on 4/04/2012 8:15:35 AM [#1974 ]
Ovastacin Cuts Off Sperm Binding
Posted on 4/04/2012 8:13:44 AM [#1973 ]
New Advances in Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
Posted on 19/03/2012 7:49:02 AM [#1923 ]
A maternally inherited autosomal point mutation in human phospholipase C zeta (PLCζ:) leads to m
Posted on 19/11/2011 8:22:21 AM [#1796 ]
Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth - visualized
Posted on 16/11/2011 10:42:19 PM [#1790 ]
Postfertilization Autophagy of Sperm Organelles Prevents Paternal Mitochondrial DNA Transmission
Posted on 10/11/2011 11:09:53 PM [#1777 ]
Fertilized Oocytes Digest Paternal Mitochondria
Posted on 10/11/2011 11:06:43 PM [#1776 ]
Quantitative expression of phospholipase C zeta, as an index to assess fertilization potential of a
Posted on 25/10/2011 9:03:38 PM [#1739 ]
Successful childbirth after intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection without assist
Posted on 25/10/2011 9:00:32 PM [#1738 ]
Editorial commentary: Progesterone and spermatozoa: a long-lasting liaison comes to definition
Posted on 23/10/2011 1:53:20 PM [#1736 ]
Model explaining incompatibility between sperm and egg receptors
Posted on 20/10/2011 8:50:44 AM [#1730 ]
Role of zonadhesin during sperm-egg interaction: a species-specific acrosomal molecule wit
Posted on 20/10/2011 8:38:03 AM [#1727 ]
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