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WHO laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen Sixth Edition
Posted on 28/07/2021 10:21:29 AM [#8945 ]
ESHRE guideline: ovarian stimulation for IVF/ICSI†
Posted on 17/03/2021 12:22:51 AM [#8897 ]
Sperm DNA Fragmentation: A New Guideline for Clinicians
Posted on 8/11/2020 4:31:11 PM [#8646 ]
Good practice recommendations for the use of time-lapse technology
Posted on 5/11/2020 10:35:34 PM [#8499 ]
Sperm count affects cumulative birth rate of assisted reproduction cycles in relation to ovarian response
Posted on 16/05/2020 8:11:52 AM [#8508 ]
Statement of the COVID-19 FSA Response Committee (19 March 2020)
Posted on 20/03/2020 12:11:43 PM [#8443 ]
Good practice recommendations for the use of time-lapse technology†
Posted on 20/03/2020 10:05:08 AM [#8442 ]
Informing offspring of their conception by gamete or embryo donation: an Ethics Committee opinion [2018]
Posted on 22/12/2019 7:01:05 AM [#8346 ]
BASIC principles of the OPU technique
Posted on 22/12/2019 6:39:06 AM [#8344 ]
Recommendations for good practice in ultrasound: oocyte pick up
Posted on 22/12/2019 6:30:28 AM [#8343 ]
‘There is only one thing that is truly important in an IVF laboratory: everything’ Cairo Consensus Guidelines on IVF Culture Conditions
Posted on 15/12/2019 11:04:14 PM [#8336 ]
ESHRE Guidelines, Consensus Documents and Recommendations
Posted on 26/03/2019 7:12:43 AM [#8111 ]
Comprehensive assessment of cryogenic storage risk and quality management concerns: best practice guidelines for ART labs
Posted on 19/10/2018 7:14:47 AM [#7914 ]
National Mosaic Embryo Transfer Practices: A Survey
Posted on 9/10/2018 12:04:23 PM [#7905 ]
Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority-Code of Practice 9th EDITION – TO BE PUBLISHED OCTOBER. 2018 [DRAFT]
Posted on 1/05/2018 4:49:03 PM [#7806 ]
Deciding how many embryos to transfer: ongoing challenges and dilemmas
Posted on 22/03/2018 11:50:33 AM [#7788 ]
The Vienna consensus: report of an expert meeting on the development of ART laboratory performance indicators
Posted on 10/09/2017 8:20:07 PM [#7637 ]
Paving the way for a gold standard of care for infertility treatment: improving outcomes through standardization of laboratory procedures
Posted on 10/09/2017 7:55:21 PM [#7633 ]
Guidelines for risk reduction when handling gametes from infectious patients seeking assisted reproductive technologies
Posted on 1/08/2016 10:26:25 AM [#6325 ]
Revised ESHRE guidelines for good practice in IVF laboratories open for review (09/09/2015 - 21/10/2015)
Posted on 9/09/2015 5:41:51 PM [#6267 ]
Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society provides practitioners with clear guidelines for embryo transfer
Posted on 20/09/2013 5:10:18 PM [#4064 ]
Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society Laboratory Guidelines
Posted on 20/09/2013 5:06:41 PM [#4063 ]
Rapid policy change to single-embryo transfer while maintaining pregnancy rates per initiated cycle
Posted on 11/02/2013 6:55:17 PM [#2681 ]
Gamete activation
Posted on 26/01/2013 9:18:08 AM [#2664 ]
Criteria for number of embryos to transfer: a committee opinion
Posted on 24/01/2013 8:48:25 AM [#2656 ]
Mature oocyte cryopreservation: a guideline
Posted on 24/01/2013 8:45:46 AM [#2655 ]
Changes to NICE fertility guideline for same-sex couples
Posted on 19/06/2012 10:39:52 AM [#2182 ]
How should women be advised on weight management in pregnancy?
Posted on 19/05/2012 6:24:22 PM [#2073 ]
Health Groups Issue Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines
Posted on 18/03/2012 7:46:11 AM [#1913 ]
A call for Ontario to regulate assisted human reproduction
Posted on 12/07/2011 5:10:33 PM [#1514 ]
Regulator issues warning over contraceptive pill
Posted on 12/07/2011 8:26:45 AM [#1513 ]
2010 Legislation Review Australian Government
Posted on 12/07/2011 7:18:59 AM [#1511 ]
MP's report on fertility treatment provision highlights significant failings
Posted on 17/06/2011 5:23:22 PM [#1444 ]
MPs condemn NHS regional variation in IVF provision.
Posted on 8/06/2011 11:16:34 PM [#1429 ]
The posthumous use of IVF [Audio]
Posted on 25/05/2011 1:56:58 PM [#1363 ]
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