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Cumulative live birth rate after IVF: trend over time and the impact of blastocyst culture and vitrification
Posted on 7/04/2021 6:49:41 PM [#8940 ]
The ovarian sensitivity index is predictive of live birth chances after IVF in infertile patients
Posted on 1/04/2021 12:08:38 AM [#8832 ]
Overweight and obesity significantly reduce pregnancy, implantation, and live birth rates in women undergoing In Vitro Fertilization procedures
Posted on 16/03/2021 12:15:47 AM [#8896 ]
Cumulative live birth rates for women returning to ART treatment for a second ART-conceived child
Posted on 5/11/2020 6:10:25 AM [#8495 ]
How to define successful IVF [IVF Worldwide Webinar Series]
Posted on 5/10/2020 8:06:31 AM [#8493 ]
Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy: are we examining the correct outcomes?
Posted on 25/09/2020 11:09:38 AM [#8694 ]
Cumulative live birth rates following blastocyst- versus cleavage-stage embryo transfer in the first complete cycle of IVF: a population-based retrosp
Posted on 22/09/2020 4:48:43 PM [#8691 ]
Is Vitamin D important for IVF success?
Posted on 9/08/2020 12:39:00 AM [#8678 ]
Women's vitamin D levels and IVF results: a systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis, considering three categories of vitamin status (rep
Posted on 9/08/2020 12:34:10 AM [#8677 ]
Ovarian Reserve as a Predictor of Cumulative Live Birth
Posted on 13/07/2020 7:48:02 AM [#8601 ]
GnRH Triggering May Improve Euploidy and Live Birth Rate in Hyper-Responders: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Posted on 15/06/2020 6:28:24 PM [#8561 ]
Three Simple Metrics to Define in Vitro Fertilization Success Rates
Posted on 15/06/2020 6:00:34 PM [#8556 ]
Cumulative live birth rate after up to three consecutive embryo transfer cycles in women with poor ovarian response
Posted on 13/06/2020 12:02:39 AM [#8555 ]
Cumulative Live Birth Rates According to Maternal Body Mass Index After First Ovarian Stimulation for in vitro Fertilization: A Single Center Analysis
Posted on 30/04/2020 12:45:47 AM [#8480 ]
Parameters impacting the live birth rate per transfer after frozen single euploid blastocyst transfer
Posted on 15/01/2020 12:17:46 AM [#8368 ]
Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy Improves Clinical, Gestational, and Neonatal Outcomes in Advanced Maternal Age Patients Without Comprom
Posted on 18/11/2019 11:24:08 AM [#8306 ]
What is the prognosis for a live birth after unexplained recurrent implantation failure following IVF/ICSI?
Posted on 20/10/2019 7:52:56 AM [#8278 ]
Secondary sex ratio in assisted reproduction: an analysis of 1 ::376 ::454 treatment cycles performed in the UK
Posted on 12/10/2019 7:29:44 AM [#8267 ]
The effect of repeated controlled ovarian stimulation cycles on the gamete and embryo development
Posted on 20/08/2019 6:30:53 AM [#8227 ]
Worldwide decline of IVF birth rates and its probable causes
Posted on 20/08/2019 6:21:04 AM [#8226 ]
Cumulative probabilities of live birth across multiple complete IVF/ICSI cycles: a call for attention
Posted on 12/08/2019 11:24:33 PM [#8326 ]
Association between the number of retrieved mature donor oocytes and live birth in IVF donor recipient cycles using frozen donor eggs [2017 Abstract]
Posted on 12/07/2019 11:22:28 PM [#8206 ]
Can novel early non-invasive biomarkers of embryo quality be identified with time-lapse imaging to predict live birth?
Posted on 11/07/2019 10:24:48 PM [#8204 ]
Effect of body mass index on pregnancy outcomes in a freeze-all policy: an analysis of 22,043 first autologous frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles in
Posted on 29/06/2019 7:19:26 AM [#8190 ]
The vaginal microbiome as a predictor for outcome of in vitro fertilization with or without intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a prospective study
Posted on 19/06/2019 8:59:41 PM [#8176 ]
Preconceptional TSH level in euthyroid women is inversely associated with the live birth rate in first IVF cycle
Posted on 11/02/2019 7:54:02 AM [#8045 ]
Single best euploid versus single best unknown-ploidy blastocyst frozen embryo transfers: a randomized controlled trial
Posted on 12/01/2019 9:42:09 PM [#8031 ]
Prediction of implantation after blastocyst transfer in in vitro fertilization: a machine-learning perspective
Posted on 8/01/2019 6:57:10 AM [#8022 ]
Only women’s age and the duration of infertility are the prognostic factors for the success rate of natural cycle IVF
Posted on 7/01/2019 11:32:22 PM [#8018 ]
Soluble LH-hCG receptor and oestradiol as predictors of pregnancy and live birth in IVF
Posted on 3/01/2019 7:29:01 AM [#8015 ]
High responders are not exempt from detrimental effects of prematurely rising progesterone levels in fresh embryo transfer cycles
Posted on 27/12/2018 9:59:58 AM [#7997 ]
Methodological approaches to analyzing IVF data with multiple cycles
Posted on 27/12/2018 9:55:17 AM [#7996 ]
Revisiting the impact of ejaculatory abstinence on semen quality and intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcomes
Posted on 24/12/2018 5:17:16 PM [#7992 ]
Does the meiotic spindle really predicts embryo implantation and live birth rates? An update
Posted on 18/12/2018 10:07:05 AM [#7976 ]
Is there a relation between the time to ICSI and the reproductive outcomes?
Posted on 4/12/2018 10:13:15 PM [#7793 ]
The influence of body mass index on pregnancy outcome following single-embryo transfer
Posted on 25/11/2018 12:20:31 AM [#7949 ]
COMFFETI, Combined Fresh and Frozen Embryo Transfers per Individual: A New Index of Quality Control for The Performance of Embryologic Labs in The Eme
Posted on 9/10/2018 12:29:53 PM [#7910 ]
IL-1β: predicts IVF outcome: a prospective study
Posted on 27/09/2018 10:58:43 PM [#7897 ]
No country resorts to IVF more than Japan—or has less success
Posted on 18/08/2018 5:14:01 PM [#7843 ]
The impact of intentional endometrial injury on reproductive outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 11/06/2018 11:36:42 PM [#7935 ]
The influence of body mass index on pregnancy outcome following single-embryo transfer
Posted on 6/06/2018 7:17:50 AM [#7824 ]
Freeze-all:51% live births in first cycle [HR Editors choice].
Posted on 8/05/2018 9:26:41 PM [#7814 ]
Live birth rates in the first complete IVF cycle among 20 687 women using a freeze-all strategy
Posted on 8/05/2018 9:23:56 PM [#7813 ]
Association between ambient air pollution and pregnancy rate in women who underwent IVF
Posted on 2/05/2018 7:09:56 AM [#7807 ]
Endometrial thickness as a predictor of the reproductive outcomes in fresh and frozen embryo transfer cycles: A retrospective cohort study of 1512 IVF
Posted on 31/01/2018 5:51:17 PM [#7754 ]
Smoking Decreases Endometrial Thickness in IVF/ICSI Patients
Posted on 30/01/2018 10:19:13 PM [#7753 ]
Pre-conception maternal erythrocyte saturated to unsaturated fatty acid ratio predicts pregnancy after natural cycle frozen embryo transfer
Posted on 24/01/2018 5:25:06 PM [#7740 ]
Sperm telomere length in donor samples is not related to ICSI outcome
Posted on 23/01/2018 6:27:03 AM [#7735 ]
Abnormal vaginal microbiota may be associated with poor reproductive outcomes: a prospective study in IVF patients [2016]
Posted on 18/01/2018 11:46:24 PM [#7726 ]
Assisted reproductive technology (ART) cumulative live birth rates following preimplantation genetic diagnosis for aneuploidy (PGD-A) or morphological
Posted on 8/01/2018 7:07:20 AM [#7715 ]
First data on in vitro fertilization and blastocyst formation after intraovarian injection of calcium gluconate-activated autologous platelet rich pla
Posted on 3/01/2018 10:55:10 PM [#7780 ]
An ART score to note objectively the quality of an ART procedure
Posted on 20/12/2017 7:55:01 AM [#7704 ]
Comparison of embryo morphokinetics following intracytoplasmic sperm injection in smoker and non-smoker couples: Are the results different?
Posted on 17/12/2017 7:42:07 AM [#7697 ]
Shared motherhood IVF: high delivery rates in a large study of treatments for lesbian couples using partner-donated eggs
Posted on 13/12/2017 6:06:06 PM [#7691 ]
Cumulative pregnancy and live birth rates through assisted reproduction in women 44–45 years of age: is there any hope?
Posted on 13/12/2017 6:00:19 PM [#7690 ]
Effect of micronutrient supplementation on IVF outcomes: a systematic review of the literature
Posted on 11/12/2017 12:01:13 PM [#7687 ]
Is there a reason to perform ICSI in the absence of male factor? Lessons from the Latin American Registry of ART
Posted on 11/09/2017 9:40:34 PM [#7642 ]
The impact of unilateral oophorectomy on ovarian reserve in assisted reproduction: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 7/09/2017 11:00:56 AM [#7626 ]
Curvilinear relationship between age and assisted reproduction technique success: retrospective analyses of US National ART Surveillance System data f
Posted on 5/09/2017 10:31:02 AM [#7619 ]
The dilemma of counseling patients about poor prognosis: live birth after IVF with autologous oocytes in a 43-year-old woman with FSH levels above 30
Posted on 5/07/2017 6:26:52 AM [#7587 ]
Sperm DNA fragmentation index does not correlate with blastocyst aneuploidy or morphological grading
Posted on 10/06/2017 11:32:12 PM [#7584 ]
Predicting Implantation Outcome of In Vitro Fertilization and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Using Data Mining Techniques
Posted on 9/06/2017 12:08:34 PM [#7624 ]
Predictive value of sperm deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) fragmentation index in male infertility
Posted on 25/05/2017 6:19:32 AM [#7579 ]
High FSH dosing is associated with reduced live birth rate in fresh but not subsequent frozen embryo transfers
Posted on 21/05/2017 7:03:37 AM [#7569 ]
Intrauterine insemination with gonadotropin stimulation or in vitro fertilization for the treatment of unexplained subfertility: a randomized controll
Posted on 17/05/2017 6:32:55 AM [#7550 ]
Age-Specific IVF Outcomes in Infertile Women With Baseline FSH Levels ≥:20 mIU/mL
Posted on 10/03/2017 5:29:33 AM [#7513 ]
In vitro fertilization outcome in women with diminished ovarian reserve
Posted on 28/02/2017 5:33:42 PM [#7502 ]
Morbid obesity and pregnancy outcomes after single blastocyst transfer: a retrospective, North American study
Posted on 19/02/2017 4:10:15 PM [#7490 ]
Pregnant after assisted reproduction: a risk pregnancy is born! 18-years perinatal outcome results from a population-based registry in Flanders, Belgi
Posted on 19/02/2017 12:00:01 PM [#7484 ]
Clinical outcomes after IVF or ICSI using human blastocysts derived from oocytes containing aggregates of smooth endoplasmic reticulum
Posted on 14/02/2017 12:58:12 PM [#7474 ]
Serum and follicular fluid monocyte chemotactic protein-1 levels are elevated in obese women and are associated with poorer clinical pregnancy rate af
Posted on 4/02/2017 6:33:15 AM [#7468 ]
Paternal Age Is Not Associated With Pregnancy Outcomes After Single Thawed Euploid Blastocyst Transfer
Posted on 23/01/2017 5:10:03 PM [#7461 ]
Clinical outcomes for couples containing a reciprocal chromosome translocation carrier without preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
Posted on 23/01/2017 5:07:52 PM [#7460 ]
Examining the efficacy of six published time-lapse imaging embryo selection algorithms to predict implantation to demonstrate the need for the develop
Posted on 15/01/2017 2:39:03 PM [#7455 ]
Evaluation of in vitro fertilization outcomes using interleukin-8 in culture medium of human preimplantation embryos
Posted on 15/01/2017 2:22:44 PM [#7452 ]
Predicting the clinical outcome of ICSI by sperm head vacuole examination
Posted on 8/01/2017 11:13:03 AM [#7440 ]
'No solid evidence' for IVF add-on success
Posted on 29/11/2016 12:01:56 AM [#7430 ]
Sperm Chromatin Dispersion Test before Sperm Preparation Is Predictive of Clinical Pregnancy in Cases of Unexplained Infertility Treated with Intraute
Posted on 25/11/2016 11:58:20 PM [#7429 ]
Pregnancy Probabilities [this is free!]
Posted on 21/11/2016 4:15:00 PM [#7425 ]
The Impact of a Standardized Oral Multinutrient Supplementation on Embryo Quality in in vitro Fertilization/Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection: A Prospe
Posted on 17/11/2016 8:42:45 AM [#7413 ]
Relationship between hair and salivary cortisol and pregnancy in women undergoing IVF
Posted on 15/11/2016 4:02:54 PM [#7406 ]
New evidence that hormone levels measured in hair can affect IVF success by almost one-third
Posted on 15/11/2016 4:01:11 PM [#7405 ]
Peanut butter
Posted on 28/08/2016 9:44:14 AM [#7380 ]
Shortened equilibration time can compromise clinical outcomes in human embryo vitrification
Posted on 25/08/2016 9:39:28 AM [#7375 ]
Effect of ethnicity on live birth rates after in vitro fertilisation/intracytoplasmic sperm injection treatment: analysis of UK national database
Posted on 21/08/2016 11:36:47 PM [#7364 ]
Ethnicity of women undergoing fertility treatment can affect outcomes, study finds
Posted on 21/08/2016 11:29:45 PM [#7363 ]
PGS for recurrent pregnancy loss: forget it! [from Professor Hans Evers, via ESHRE]
Posted on 19/08/2016 11:43:08 PM [#7360 ]
The effect of endometrial injury on pregnancy rate in frozen-thawed embryo transfer: A randomized control trial
Posted on 17/08/2016 10:03:52 AM [#7357 ]
A fresh(er) perspective on frozen embryo transfers
Posted on 15/08/2016 11:20:35 PM [#7354 ]
How FSH and AMH reflect probabilities of oocyte numbers in poor prognosis patients with small oocyte yields
Posted on 15/08/2016 11:07:11 PM [#7353 ]
Effect of paternal overweight or obesity on IVF treatment outcomes and the possible mechanisms involved
Posted on 12/08/2016 6:38:43 AM [#6350 ]
Effect of assisted hatching on pregnancy outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Posted on 12/08/2016 6:32:34 AM [#6349 ]
Determinants of cumulative ART live-birth rates in a single-center study: age, fertilization modality, and first-cycle outcome
Posted on 9/08/2016 6:52:59 AM [#6342 ]
Growth hormone co-treatment within a GnRH agonist long protocol improves implantation and pregnancy rates in patients undergoing IVF-ET
Posted on 9/08/2016 6:47:15 AM [#6341 ]
Maternal physical and sedentary activities in relation to reproductive outcomes following IVF
Posted on 1/08/2016 10:17:11 AM [#6323 ]
IVF outcome is optimized when embryos are replaced between 5 and 15 mm from the fundal endometrial surface: a prospective analysis on 1184 IVF cycles
Posted on 30/07/2016 6:53:46 AM [#6314 ]
IVF: Five questions women should ask their fertility doctor
Posted on 30/05/2016 5:43:58 PM [#6292 ]
Embryo quality is the main factor affecting cumulative live birth rate after elective single embryo transfer in fresh stimulation cycles
Posted on 16/09/2015 7:23:08 AM [#6271 ]
Frozen embryos as successful as fresh embryos in IVF
Posted on 11/09/2015 11:03:47 PM [#6268 ]
Cell-free DNA in Human Follicular Microenvironment: New Prognostic Biomarker to Predict in vitro Fertilization Outcomes
Posted on 4/09/2015 8:46:36 AM [#6258 ]
Freeze-all at the blastocyst or bipronuclear stage: A randomized clinical trial
Posted on 30/08/2015 8:35:47 AM [#6248 ]
Dynamic antimüllerian hormone levels during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation predict in vitro fertilization response and pregnancy outcomes
Posted on 30/08/2015 8:32:11 AM [#6247 ]
Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving in the IVF Laboratory
Posted on 13/08/2015 7:58:31 AM [#6240 ]
IVF in women over 38: The doctor's dilemma: Women over 44 should be advised against doing IVF with their own eggs
Posted on 12/07/2015 6:56:18 PM [#6238 ]
Fact Check: Are millions of taxpayer dollars being wasted on poorly performing IVF clinics?
Posted on 29/06/2015 8:07:06 AM [#6232 ]
Comparative prospective study of 2 ovarian stimulation protocols in poor responders: effect on implantation rate and ongoing pregnancy
Posted on 5/06/2015 7:31:39 AM [#6212 ]
Fertility clinic data kept from public, costing government millions
Posted on 11/05/2015 11:24:01 PM [#6188 ]
Predictors of In Vitro Fertilization Outcomes in Women with Highest Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Levels ≥:12 IU/L: A Prospective Cohort Study
Posted on 7/05/2015 10:57:44 PM [#6185 ]
World's first genetic modification of human embryos reported: Experts consider ethics
Posted on 25/04/2015 2:30:14 PM [#6170 ]
Perinatal outcomes associated with assisted reproductive technology: the Massachusetts Outcomes Study of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (MOSART)
Posted on 15/03/2015 7:02:11 AM [#6152 ]
Underlying subfertility may affect ART birth outcomes, study finds
Posted on 15/03/2015 6:57:52 AM [#6151 ]
Effect of sperm DNA fragmentation on the clinical outcomes for in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection in women with different ova
Posted on 11/03/2015 12:11:29 PM [#6149 ]
Key indicator for successful treatment of infertile couples
Posted on 6/03/2015 11:33:27 AM [#6141 ]
Blood type predicts live birth in the infertile population
Posted on 5/03/2015 4:50:15 PM [#6139 ]
The dynamic changes of anti-Mullerian hormone and inhibin B during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in decreased ovarian reserve women and the effe
Posted on 5/03/2015 2:07:10 PM [#6137 ]
Biochemical pregnancy and spontaneous abortion in first IVF cycles are negative predictors for subsequent cycles: an over 10,000 cases cohort study
Posted on 14/02/2015 12:30:00 AM [#6133 ]
Use of IVF procedure for male infertility has doubled: not linked with improved outcomes
Posted on 31/01/2015 9:00:31 AM [#6103 ]
Hair mercury concentrations and in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes among women from a fertility clinic
Posted on 24/01/2015 11:20:20 AM [#6098 ]
Estimating the net effect of progesterone elevation on the day of hCG on live birth rates after IVF: a cohort analysis of 3296 IVF cycles
Posted on 19/01/2015 9:21:26 AM [#6087 ]
The effects of glucuronic acid and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine on in vitro fertilisation of porcine oocytes
Posted on 19/01/2015 9:15:41 AM [#6086 ]
Cumulative live birth rate and assisted reproduction: impact of female age and transfer day [PDF]
Posted on 19/01/2015 8:58:32 AM [#6083 ]
Uterine contractions increase success of artificial insemination
Posted on 29/11/2014 11:58:07 PM [#6066 ]
Cell-free DNA in human follicular fluid as a biomarker of embryo quality
Posted on 20/10/2014 11:43:52 PM [#6041 ]
Effect of local endometrial injury on pregnancy outcomes in ovum donation cycles
Posted on 28/07/2014 2:50:40 PM [#5957 ]
Alcohol consumption and in vitro fertilization: a review of the literature.
Posted on 10/07/2014 4:37:36 PM [#5904 ]
Test 'can boost IVF success by half': Scientists find new way to identify embryos that will implant in the womb.
Posted on 8/07/2014 8:01:04 AM [#5889 ]
Physical activity before IVF and ICSI cycles in infertile obese women: an observational cohort study
Posted on 1/07/2014 2:17:37 PM [#5867 ]
The outcome of fertility treatments using donor sperm is dependent on the quality of sperm
Posted on 1/07/2014 8:03:40 AM [#5864 ]
Total fertilization failure: is it the end of the story?
Posted on 27/06/2014 6:27:45 PM [#5853 ]
Live birth rates after IVF are reduced by both low and high progesterone levels on the day of human chorionic gonadotrophin administration
Posted on 27/06/2014 7:03:02 AM [#5850 ]
Prognostic models for high and low ovarian responses in controlled ovarian stimulation using a GnRH antagonist protocol
Posted on 16/06/2014 8:45:32 AM [#5819 ]
Dutch researchers develop urine test for test tube baby success.
Posted on 16/06/2014 7:58:56 AM [#5815 ]
Clinical rationale for cryopreservation of entire embryo cohorts in lieu of fresh transfer
Posted on 31/05/2014 7:57:35 AM [#5779 ]
Limitations of a time-lapse blastocyst prediction model: a large multicentre outcome analysis [Open Access]
Posted on 27/05/2014 6:26:02 AM [#5753 ]
Oocyte vitrification in the 21st century and post-warming fertility outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 27/05/2014 6:19:34 AM [#5752 ]
Coasting, embryo development and outcomes of blastocyst transfer: a case–control study
Posted on 27/05/2014 6:04:58 AM [#5749 ]
Quality of additional embryos transferred on pregnancy outcomes in IVF: predictions using a mathematical approach
Posted on 27/05/2014 5:55:29 AM [#5747 ]
Is a vitrify all approach a valid paradigm to pursue to improve IVF outcomes
Posted on 14/05/2014 9:52:36 AM [#5725 ]
Live birth after frozen-thawed oocytes matured in vitro in a PCOS patient: a model for improving implantation rates in IVM cycles and objectively asse
Posted on 14/05/2014 6:01:33 AM [#5722 ]
Individualized embryo transfer training: timing and performance
Posted on 3/05/2014 10:02:44 AM [#5694 ]
Semen analysis and prediction of natural conception
Posted on 3/05/2014 9:58:36 AM [#5693 ]
Twin births soar in US due to fertility treatments
Posted on 27/04/2014 7:56:20 AM [#5655 ]
Assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment in women with schizophrenia or related psychotic disorder: a national cohort study
Posted on 4/04/2014 10:12:34 PM [#5579 ]
Endometrial thickness and pregnancy rates after IVF: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 1/04/2014 2:22:01 PM [#5575 ]
Physical activity before IVF and ICSI cycles in infertile obese women: an observational cohort study
Posted on 29/03/2014 8:40:47 AM [#5572 ]
Uterine adenomyosis and in vitro fertilization outcome: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 23/03/2014 10:04:29 PM [#5561 ]
Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) still in search of a clinical application: a systematic review
Posted on 21/03/2014 10:28:24 AM [#5556 ]
SART Releases New Annual Report on In Vitro Fertilization Procedures
Posted on 25/02/2014 6:24:46 AM [#5505 ]
Clinic Summary Report - All SART Member Clinics
Posted on 25/02/2014 6:20:37 AM [#5504 ]
The predictive accuracy of anti-Müllerian hormone for live birth after assisted conception: a systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature
Posted on 21/02/2014 10:04:31 PM [#5485 ]
Are the risks of extending IVF outweighing the benefits?
Posted on 31/01/2014 8:35:15 AM [#4448 ]
Rescue intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a systematic review
Posted on 31/01/2014 4:49:32 AM [#4436 ]
Headlines: 2012 less IVF year
Posted on 25/01/2014 4:37:28 PM [#4423 ]
Beyond the dichotomy: a tool for distinguishing between experimental, innovative and established treatment†
Posted on 25/01/2014 4:21:12 PM [#4420 ]
Sexual orientation of women does not affect outcome of fertility treatment with donated sperm
Posted on 25/01/2014 8:37:16 AM [#4417 ]
Effect of fibroids not distorting the endometrial cavity on the outcome of in vitro fertilization treatment: a retrospective cohort study
Posted on 18/01/2014 9:52:49 AM [#4400 ]
No evidence that embryo selection by near-infrared spectroscopy in addition to morphology is able to improve live birth rates: results from an individ
Posted on 11/01/2014 10:34:37 AM [#4382 ]
Study highlights increased risks of stillbirth from assisted conception methods including IVF
Posted on 9/01/2014 10:31:38 AM [#4377 ]
The impact of legally restricted embryo transfer and reimbursement policy on cumulative delivery rate after treatment with assisted reproduction techn
Posted on 6/01/2014 9:47:21 PM [#4366 ]
Delivery Rates Unaffected by Transferring Fewer Embryos, Reimbursing Six Cycles of Fertility Treatment
Posted on 6/01/2014 9:45:55 PM [#4365 ]
Freezing Semen Doubles Chances of Fatherhood for Men After Treatment for Hodgkin Lymphoma
Posted on 20/12/2013 8:20:41 AM [#4348 ]
What ‘misguided campaign’ against single embryo transfer?
Posted on 15/12/2013 10:45:49 AM [#4334 ]
Analysis of in vitro fertilization data with multiple outcomes using discrete time-to-event analysis
Posted on 15/12/2013 10:35:19 AM [#4332 ]
IVF with planned single-embryo transfer versus IUI with ovarian stimulation in couples with unexplained subfertility: an economic analysis
Posted on 8/12/2013 10:40:55 PM [#4320 ]
Economics of assisted reproductive technology: data from an international analysis
Posted on 2/12/2013 9:23:29 AM [#4300 ]
The impact of legally restricted embryo transfer and reimbursement policy on cumulative delivery rate after treatment with assisted reproduction techn
Posted on 28/11/2013 4:12:08 PM [#4291 ]
Delivery Rates Unaffected by Transferring Fewer Embryos, Reimbursing Six Cycles of Fertility Treatment
Posted on 28/11/2013 4:09:55 PM [#4290 ]
Fertility Treatment Outcomes Influenced by Mother's Ethnicity
Posted on 20/11/2013 2:30:09 PM [#4275 ]
Time-lapse parameters could not predict pregnancy: a hasty conclusion?
Posted on 17/11/2013 8:47:16 AM [#4260 ]
Fertility Treatment Outcomes Influenced by Mother's Ethnicity
Posted on 16/11/2013 12:18:16 PM [#4253 ]
Single pre-screened embryo transfer offers better neonatal outcomes after IVF
Posted on 31/10/2013 9:24:56 AM [#4222 ]
The Effect of Paternal Age on Outcome in Assisted Reproductive Technology Using the Ovum Donation Model
Posted on 28/10/2013 6:38:29 PM [#4208 ]
Ovarian Reserve Test An Impartial Means to Resolve the Mismatch Between Chronological and Biological Age in the Assessment of Female Reproductive Cha
Posted on 28/10/2013 6:31:30 PM [#4206 ]
Pregnancy Prediction in Single Embryo Transfer Cycles after ICSI Using QPCR: Validation in Oocytes from the Same Cohort
Posted on 25/10/2013 11:32:04 AM [#4201 ]
Making babies
Posted on 21/10/2013 11:44:05 AM [#4196 ]
'Mini-IVF,' using fewer drugs, sees greater success in women over 35
Posted on 21/10/2013 7:04:59 AM [#4193 ]
Increase Seen in Donor Eggs for in Vitro Fertilization, Improved Outcomes
Posted on 19/10/2013 5:48:14 AM [#4184 ]
Comparison of early versus late initiation of GnRH antagonist co-treatment for controlled ovarian stimulation in IVF: a randomized controlled trial
Posted on 18/10/2013 9:49:18 PM [#4174 ]
Celmatix study shows women may be stopping IVF treatment prematurely
Posted on 18/10/2013 12:12:54 PM [#4168 ]
New Test May Spot Which Embryos Stand Greatest Chance of Survival
Posted on 15/10/2013 8:09:53 AM [#4167 ]
IVF procedure can increase clinical pregnancy by 20 per cent
Posted on 15/10/2013 7:31:53 AM [#4165 ]
Womb scratching could improve IVF birth rate
Posted on 15/10/2013 7:28:39 AM [#4164 ]
My surrogate baby joy, by Oona King: After years of failed IVF and three adopted children, Baroness tells how the birth of her son by a surrogate has
Posted on 13/10/2013 3:23:19 PM [#4156 ]
What can we learn from a decade of promoting safe embryo transfer practices? A comparative analysis of policies and outcomes in the UK and Australia,
Posted on 7/10/2013 5:36:29 PM [#4142 ]
Assisted reproductive technology in Australia and New Zealand 2011
Posted on 7/10/2013 4:59:55 PM [#4141 ]
‘IVF lite’ delivers its first baby
Posted on 29/09/2013 8:10:27 AM [#4098 ]
Crinone vaginal gel is equally effective and better tolerated than intramuscular progesterone for luteal phase support in in vitro fertilization-embry
Posted on 27/09/2013 9:41:48 AM [#4089 ]
Assisted hatching of fertilised eggs to improve the chances of pregnancy in assisted conception (IVF and ICSI)
Posted on 25/09/2013 8:55:39 AM [#4082 ]
Reproductive implications of psychological distress for couples undergoing IVF
Posted on 20/09/2013 8:44:21 AM [#4060 ]
Oocyte efficiency: does live birth rate differ when analyzing cryopreserved and fresh oocytes on a per-oocyte basis?
Posted on 10/09/2013 8:13:42 AM [#4029 ]
Long-term pituitary downregulation before frozen embryo transfer could improve pregnancy outcomes in women with adenomyosis
Posted on 8/09/2013 9:40:25 AM [#4021 ]
Dual trigger with combination of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist and human chorionic gonadotropin significantly improves the live-birth rate fo
Posted on 8/09/2013 9:13:39 AM [#4013 ]
Medical breakthrough gives cancer survivors hope of pregnancy
Posted on 2/09/2013 9:06:47 PM [#3993 ]
Preimplantation human blastocysts release factors that differentially alter human endometrial epithelial cell adhesion and gene expression relative to
Posted on 1/09/2013 11:14:54 PM [#3981 ]
IVF Fails to Improve Pregnancy Odds After 5 Cycles, Study Says
Posted on 30/08/2013 8:18:06 AM [#3979 ]
Fertility treatments in Lebanon regular but unregulated
Posted on 30/08/2013 8:14:01 AM [#3977 ]
IVF births - clinic holds the key
Posted on 30/08/2013 8:12:17 AM [#3976 ]
Test-tube babies: A simpler, cheaper technique?
Posted on 22/08/2013 10:55:27 PM [#3967 ]
Microorganisms within Human Follicular Fluid: Effects on IVF
Posted on 8/08/2013 7:21:30 AM [#3933 ]
Isolating sperm by selecting those with normal nuclear morphology prior to intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) does not provide better pregnancy r
Posted on 6/08/2013 3:45:45 PM [#3920 ]
Obesity doesn't reduce chance of getting pregnant with donor eggs
Posted on 2/08/2013 7:05:38 AM [#3900 ]
Obesity Doesn’t Reduce Chance of Getting Pregnant With Donor Eggs, Study Finds
Posted on 2/08/2013 7:05:03 AM [#3899 ]
DHEA supplementation positively affects spontaneous pregnancies in women with diminished ovarian function.
Posted on 31/07/2013 10:32:17 PM [#3898 ]
Embryo developmental capability and pregnancy outcome are related to the mitochondrial DNA copy number and ooplasmic volume
Posted on 31/07/2013 10:28:53 PM [#3897 ]
Number of embryos for transfer in women undergoing assisted reproductive technology (ART) Updated
Posted on 31/07/2013 10:19:35 PM [#3896 ]
Time-lapse parameters as predictors of blastocyst development and pregnancy outcome in embryos from good prognosis patients: a prospective cohort stud
Posted on 31/07/2013 8:40:09 AM [#3895 ]
Factors affecting the outcome of frozen–thawed embryo transfer
Posted on 31/07/2013 8:37:18 AM [#3894 ]
IVF treatments up, babies born alive down
Posted on 28/07/2013 7:43:22 AM [#3881 ]
'Test-tube baby' Brown hails pioneers on 35th birthday
Posted on 26/07/2013 6:28:35 AM [#3873 ]
Association between blastocyst morphology and outcome of single-blastocyst transfer
Posted on 20/07/2013 7:07:08 AM [#3848 ]
Mixed Results for Acupuncture to Improve in Vitro Fertilization Rates
Posted on 2/07/2013 8:33:50 PM [#3819 ]
New approaches to embryo selection
Posted on 2/07/2013 4:47:11 PM [#3817 ]
Follicle recruitment determines IVF productivity rate via the number of embryos frozen and subsequent transfers
Posted on 29/06/2013 3:41:55 PM [#3814 ]
Bed rest after embryo transfer negatively affects in vitro fertilization: a randomized controlled clinical trial
Posted on 21/06/2013 7:55:45 PM [#3802 ]
Fertility after ectopic pregnancy: first randomised trial finds reassuring evidence on the effect of different treatments
Posted on 19/06/2013 8:31:15 PM [#2794 ]
Protein Rich Diet May Boost IVF Success
Posted on 19/05/2013 1:22:12 AM [#2769 ]
The influence of female and male body mass index on live births after assisted reproductive technology treatment: a nationwide register-based cohort s
Posted on 4/05/2013 4:35:31 PM [#2765 ]
Blastocyst culture and cryopreservation to optimize clinical outcomes of warming cycles
Posted on 26/04/2013 1:00:29 AM [#2759 ]
Frozen Embryo Outcomes Mixed
Posted on 21/02/2013 6:42:08 AM [#2701 ]
Cost of IVF Treatment
Posted on 17/02/2013 9:28:54 AM [#2697 ]
IVF Treatment Compaisons - CHOICE Magazine
Posted on 17/02/2013 9:24:07 AM [#2696 ]
Anti-Müllerian Hormone Predicts Menopause: A Long-Term Follow-Up Study in Normoovulatory Women
Posted on 13/02/2013 7:45:48 AM [#2687 ]
Anti-Müllerian Hormone Predicts IVF Success
Posted on 13/02/2013 7:44:04 AM [#2686 ]
Better Outcome for Frozen Embryo Replacement Vs IVF
Posted on 12/02/2013 6:00:12 AM [#2684 ]
Follicular Proinflammatory Cytokines and Chemokines as Markers of IVF Success
Posted on 25/01/2013 8:25:06 AM [#2659 ]
Metabolite Profiling in the Pursuit of Biomarkers for IVF Outcome: The Case for Metabolomics Studies
Posted on 25/01/2013 8:22:49 AM [#2658 ]
National USA ART Success Rates
Posted on 20/01/2013 8:56:48 AM [#2652 ]
Low oxygen concentrations for embryo culture in assisted reproductive technologies
Posted on 23/11/2012 8:36:21 AM [#2583 ]
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and prophylactic human embryo cryopreservation: analysis of reproductive outcome following thawed ET
Posted on 23/11/2012 8:18:30 AM [#2578 ]
Characterizing the influence of vitamin D levels on IVF outcomes
Posted on 9/11/2012 5:18:26 PM [#2558 ]
Perifollicular blood flow and pregnancy in superovulated intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycles: An observational comparison of recombinant follicle-s
Posted on 4/10/2012 8:28:39 AM [#2468 ]
Expanding reproductive lifespan: a cost-effectiveness study on oocyte freezing
Posted on 3/10/2012 8:00:14 AM [#2464 ]
Effects of transdermal testosterone in poor responders undergoing IVF: systematic review and meta-analysis
Posted on 22/09/2012 8:34:49 AM [#2447 ]
The association between severe obesity and characteristics of failed fertilized oocytes
Posted on 12/09/2012 7:21:15 PM [#2427 ]
Why Severely Obese Women Have Difficulty Getting Pregnant from IVF
Posted on 12/09/2012 7:19:20 PM [#2426 ]
Atosiban improves implantation and pregnancy rates in patients with repeated implantation failure
Posted on 7/09/2012 12:45:04 PM [#2414 ]
Planar embryos have poor prognosis in terms of blastocyst formation and implantation
Posted on 7/09/2012 12:22:47 PM [#2411 ]
Office hysteroscopy improves pregnancy rates following IVF
Posted on 7/09/2012 12:19:59 PM [#2410 ]
Mayo Clinic Marks Its First Births from Time-Lapse Incubator Use for in Vitro Fertilization
Posted on 30/08/2012 5:31:15 PM [#2394 ]
Cumulative Live-Birth Rates after In Vitro Fertilization
Posted on 20/07/2012 9:12:04 AM [#2313 ]
Serum FSH Levels in Coasting Programmes on the hCG Day and Their Clinical Outcomes in IVF ± ICSI Cycles
Posted on 18/07/2012 5:13:05 PM [#2303 ]
Review - Embryo Selection by near-infrared spectroscopy
Posted on 17/07/2012 4:35:46 PM [#2296 ]
Freezing All Embryos in IVF With Transfer in a Later Non-Stimulated Cycle May Improve Outcome
Posted on 10/07/2012 2:54:41 PM [#2271 ]
Adenomyosis reduces pregnancy rates in infertile women undergoing IVF
Posted on 9/07/2012 12:25:43 PM [#2412 ]
Transfers of fresh blastocysts and blastocysts cultured from thawed cleavage embryos are associated with fewer miscarriages
Posted on 9/07/2012 9:10:35 AM [#2266 ]
An investigation into the relationship between the metabolic profile of follicular fluid, oocyte developmental potential, and implantation outcome
Posted on 9/07/2012 9:07:55 AM [#2264 ]
New Test Can Better Predict Successful IVF Embryos, Scientists Say
Posted on 9/07/2012 9:06:11 AM [#2263 ]
Single Embryo Transfer Reduces the Risk of Perinatal Mortality in IVF
Posted on 5/07/2012 10:37:25 AM [#2243 ]
Effects of cigarette smoking on reproduction
Posted on 4/07/2012 11:35:01 AM [#2241 ]
Five or more cups of coffee a day reduce the chance of IVF success by around 50 per cent
Posted on 4/07/2012 11:26:15 AM [#2238 ]
Higher levels of public reimbursement positively influence national birth rates and reduce unmet needs in subfertile populations
Posted on 4/07/2012 11:09:02 AM [#2236 ]
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for IVF 'is safe'
Posted on 3/07/2012 11:11:52 PM [#2231 ]
Cumulative Birth Rates with Linked Assisted Reproductive Technology Cycles
Posted on 3/07/2012 10:27:01 AM [#2229 ]
Success of Fertility Treatment May Approach Natural Birth Rate
Posted on 3/07/2012 10:25:40 AM [#2228 ]
Predicting Live Birth, Preterm Delivery, and Low Birth Weight in Infants Born from In Vitro Fertilisation: A Prospective Study of 144,018 Treatment Cy
Posted on 20/05/2012 9:47:43 AM [#2075 ]
Selection of single blastocysts for fresh transfer via standard morphology assessment alone and with array CGH for good prognosis IVF patients
Posted on 9/05/2012 3:59:19 PM [#2049 ]
First study of chromosome test suggests increase in IVF success
Posted on 9/05/2012 3:57:44 PM [#2048 ]
The non-independence of treatment outcomes from repeat IVF cycles: estimates and consequences
Posted on 14/04/2012 6:43:44 PM [#1993 ]
Luteal phase support for assisted reproduction cycles
Posted on 3/04/2012 8:09:12 AM [#1969 ]
Cleavage stage versus blastocyst stage embryo transfer in assisted reproductive technology
Posted on 3/04/2012 8:07:08 AM [#1968 ]
Acupuncture and assisted conception
Posted on 3/04/2012 8:04:46 AM [#1967 ]
Surgical treatment for tubal disease in women due to undergo in vitro fertilisation
Posted on 3/04/2012 7:58:27 AM [#1964 ]
Cabergoline for preventing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
Posted on 3/04/2012 7:55:03 AM [#1962 ]
Assisted reproductive technology in Europe, 2007: results generated from European registers by ESHRE
Posted on 29/03/2012 9:25:59 AM [#1960 ]
Single embryo transfer with comprehensive chromosome screening results in improved ongoing pregnancy
Posted on 29/03/2012 9:22:21 AM [#1959 ]
Fertility clock ticks for men, too
Posted on 27/03/2012 10:27:27 AM [#1955 ]
Elevated progesterone during ovarian stimulation for IVF
Posted on 22/03/2012 8:49:00 AM [#1945 ]
Implantation of the Human Embryo
Posted on 19/03/2012 8:02:09 AM [#1930 ]
Intercourse and ART Success Rates
Posted on 19/03/2012 8:00:31 AM [#1929 ]
Optimizing Embryo Transfer Outcomes: Determinants for Improved Outcomes Using the Oocyte Donation Mo
Posted on 19/03/2012 7:54:38 AM [#1926 ]
Does the Number of Retrieved Oocytes Influence Pregnancy Rate After Day 3 and Day 5 Embryo Transfer?
Posted on 19/03/2012 7:41:45 AM [#1919 ]
I'm differently sporty with my disabled son (Disability Dads series)
Posted on 18/03/2012 8:36:28 AM [#1914 ]
New Test Can Better Predict Successful IVF Embryos, Scientists Say
Posted on 12/03/2012 10:10:31 PM [#1899 ]
IVF chances boosted by 10 percent using new procedure
Posted on 6/03/2012 8:07:51 AM [#1889 ]
Sperm cryopreservation before cancer treatment: a 15-year monocentric experience
Posted on 6/03/2012 7:59:49 AM [#1886 ]
Vitrification of human embryos previously cryostored by either slow freezing or vitrification result
Posted on 6/03/2012 7:58:23 AM [#1885 ]
A Novel Isolator-Based System Promotes Viability of Human Embryos during Laboratory Processing
Posted on 4/03/2012 2:01:15 PM [#1879 ]
Increased Fertility Rate for IVF Patients Achieved by New Equipment Design
Posted on 4/03/2012 1:59:46 PM [#1878 ]
Anti-Müllerian hormone-tailored stimulation protocols improve outcomes whilst reducing adverse effec
Posted on 24/11/2011 1:43:21 PM [#1804 ]
Premature LH surges do not affect pregnancy rates with unstimulated-cycle frozen–thawed embryo trans
Posted on 19/11/2011 8:28:16 AM [#1797 ]
IVF take-up rate surges
Posted on 10/11/2011 7:54:18 AM [#1778 ]
Non-invasive metabolomic profiling of Day 2 and 5 embryo culture medium: a prospective randomized tr
Posted on 9/11/2011 7:44:56 AM [#1774 ]
Donor age is a major determinant of success of oocyte donation/recipient programme
Posted on 9/11/2011 7:35:37 AM [#1772 ]
Birth rate static for second year running
Posted on 30/10/2011 7:13:21 AM [#1750 ]
Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report
Posted on 25/09/2011 9:48:44 AM [#1697 ]
The use of morphokinetics as a predictor of embryo implantation.
Posted on 23/09/2011 11:33:04 AM [#1691 ]
Publish or perish: a maxim relevant to authors, readers and editors alike
Posted on 7/09/2011 10:23:34 AM [#1652 ]
Maternal smoking in pregnancy and birth defects: a systematic review based on 173 687 malformed case
Posted on 6/09/2011 4:44:09 PM [#1644 ]
Autism and schizophrenia risk for children of older fathers
Posted on 2/09/2011 3:41:47 PM [#1643 ]
Baby boom as IVF rates increase according to The Sydney IVF clinic
Posted on 2/09/2011 8:38:24 AM [#1642 ]
IVF mistakes treble in Britain in the past three years Call for more transparency in the fertility
Posted on 15/08/2011 10:20:03 PM [#1608 ]
Twinning propensity and offspring in utero growth covary in rural African women
Posted on 15/08/2011 9:03:55 PM [#1603 ]
IVF 'vanishing twin' linked with birth defects
Posted on 15/08/2011 9:29:18 AM [#1601 ]
Aspirin use for IVF
Posted on 15/08/2011 9:28:21 AM [#1600 ]
IVF predictor
Posted on 15/08/2011 9:27:26 AM [#1599 ]
Prevalence of uterine anomalies and their impact on early pregnancy in women conceiving after assist
Posted on 14/08/2011 3:08:25 PM [#1597 ]
No strong evidence to support aspirin use for IVF
Posted on 14/08/2011 8:03:04 AM [#1578 ]
No Strong Evidence to Support Aspirin Use for IVF
Posted on 14/08/2011 7:59:38 AM [#1577 ]
IVF: The uncomfortable truth
Posted on 4/07/2011 6:28:15 AM [#1483 ]
MP's report on fertility treatment provision highlights significant failings
Posted on 17/06/2011 5:23:22 PM [#1444 ]
IVF just as successful for Hispanic women, suggests study
Posted on 16/06/2011 5:25:11 PM [#1445 ]
Live birth chances in women with extremely low-serum anti-Mullerian hormone levels
Posted on 15/06/2011 8:41:44 PM [#1447 ]
Hormone levels and IVF success, new links found
Posted on 15/06/2011 5:20:52 PM [#1442 ]
Hormone Test Helps Predict Success in IVF
Posted on 13/06/2011 11:10:05 PM [#1437 ]
MPs condemn NHS regional variation in IVF provision.
Posted on 8/06/2011 11:16:34 PM [#1429 ]
Association of FMR1 Genotypes with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Outcomes Based on Ethnicity/Race
Posted on 2/06/2011 5:03:14 PM [#1384 ]
Injection of day 2 embryo culture supernatant into the uterine cavity did not improve the pregnancy
Posted on 2/06/2011 6:54:03 AM [#1397 ]
Lord Winston criticises IVF clinics of 'excessive' costs and 'misinformation'
Posted on 1/06/2011 8:58:24 AM [#1392 ]
New genetic test may help to improve IVF success
Posted on 1/06/2011 8:57:22 AM [#1391 ]
In Vitro Fertilization Improves Childhood Growth and Metabolism
Posted on 28/05/2011 11:56:11 AM [#1382 ]
Anti-Müllerian Hormone Predicts Menopause: A Long-Term Follow-Up Study in Normoovulatory Women
Posted on 28/05/2011 8:34:16 AM [#1374 ]
Fall in implantation rates following ICSI with sperm with high DNA fragmentation
Posted on 22/01/2011 10:13:12 AM [#1110 ]
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