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List of Web Links for MailGroup: Counselling
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'Your hopes can run away with your realistic expectations': a qualitative study of women and men's decision-making when undergoing multiple cycles of
Posted on 1/06/2021 12:16:34 AM [#8836 ]
Experiences of women undergoing infertility treatment from embryo transfer until pregnancy test and their conceptualization of their embryo
Posted on 1/06/2021 12:11:43 AM [#8835 ]
Patient willingness, preferences and decision-making about planning for three complete cycles of IVF/ICSI treatment
Posted on 23/03/2021 11:58:06 AM [#8903 ]
Linking stress and infertility-more than a chicken and egg conundrum
Posted on 17/03/2021 4:10:02 PM [#8898 ]
Lost and lonely: a qualitative study of women’s experiences of no embryo transfer owing to non-fertilization or poor embryo quality
Posted on 27/01/2021 11:58:27 PM [#8858 ]
The effectiveness of a collaborative infertility counseling (CIC) on pregnancy outcome in women undergoing in vitro fertilization: a randomized trial
Posted on 1/01/2021 7:18:12 AM [#8831 ]
Women’s perceptions of fertility assessment and counselling 6 years after attending a Fertility Assessment and Counselling clinic in Denmark
Posted on 22/12/2020 7:27:58 AM [#8817 ]
Childless by circumstance – Using an online survey to explore the experiences of childless women who had wanted children
Posted on 20/12/2020 11:48:19 AM [#8813 ]
Stress Management during the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Cycle May Slow Down First Embryo Cleavage and Accelerate Embryo Compaction: A Pilot Rand
Posted on 20/12/2020 7:53:34 AM [#8809 ]
Depression among men in ART treatment: a register-based national cohort study
Posted on 6/12/2020 11:44:29 PM [#8554 ]
Cumulative live birth rates for women returning to ART treatment for a second ART-conceived child
Posted on 5/11/2020 6:10:25 AM [#8495 ]
Embryo Ranking Intelligent Classification Algorithm (ERICA): artificial intelligence clinical assistant predicting embryo ploidy and implantation
Posted on 30/09/2020 12:59:54 PM [#8707 ]
Is in vitro fertilization (IVF) associated with perinatal affective disorders?
Posted on 28/08/2020 5:56:45 PM [#8669 ]
Empathetic application of machine learning may address appropriate utilization of ART
Posted on 23/08/2020 7:29:50 AM [#8664 ]
Hair Cortisol Concentrations as a Biomarker to Predict a Clinical Pregnancy Outcome after an IVF Cycle: A Pilot Feasibility Study
Posted on 2/05/2020 12:40:05 AM [#8485 ]
A clinical counseling tool predicting supernumerary embryos after a fresh IVF cycle
Posted on 12/03/2020 12:18:42 AM [#8433 ]
Infertility can lead to invisible grief. How do you move on from that?
Posted on 2/02/2020 11:52:44 AM [#8388 ]
‘Genes versus children’: if the goal is parenthood, are we using the optimal approach?
Posted on 17/01/2020 4:43:27 PM [#8371 ]
Societal pressures and procreative preferences for gay fathers successfully pursuing parenthood through IVF and gestational carriers
Posted on 15/01/2020 12:20:49 AM [#8369 ]
Informing offspring of their conception by gamete or embryo donation: an Ethics Committee opinion [2018]
Posted on 22/12/2019 7:01:05 AM [#8346 ]
Is it ever morally permissible to select for deafness in one’s child?
Posted on 28/09/2019 5:15:16 PM [#8260 ]
The ABC of IVF and COI
Posted on 11/07/2019 11:25:13 PM [#8295 ]
Early Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children Born to Fertile, Subfertile, and ART-Treated Women
Posted on 26/06/2019 11:16:06 PM [#8186 ]
Beyond the biopsy: predictors of decision regret and anxiety following preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy
Posted on 26/06/2019 11:11:26 PM [#8185 ]
The association of type D personality and depression with infertility in women
Posted on 25/02/2019 10:27:37 AM [#8068 ]
Decision-making surrounding the use of preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy reveals misunderstanding regarding its benefit
Posted on 20/10/2018 11:11:30 PM [#7915 ]
The legal and ethical issues around fathering a child with a dead man's sperm
Posted on 10/04/2018 10:13:18 PM [#7902 ]
Attitudes of sperm, egg and embryo donors and recipients towards genetic information and screening of donors
Posted on 13/02/2018 10:39:47 PM [#7770 ]
Co-IVF for Same-Sex Female Couples
Posted on 1/11/2017 4:17:04 PM [#7660 ]
Curvilinear relationship between age and assisted reproduction technique success: retrospective analyses of US National ART Surveillance System data f
Posted on 5/09/2017 10:31:02 AM [#7619 ]
The dilemma of counseling patients about poor prognosis: live birth after IVF with autologous oocytes in a 43-year-old woman with FSH levels above 30
Posted on 5/07/2017 6:26:52 AM [#7587 ]
SCREENIVF Serves as an Initial Emotional Screening Tool for Women Undergoing IVF
Posted on 16/05/2017 7:17:13 AM [#7547 ]
Validation study of the SCREENIVF: an instrument to screen women or men on risk for emotional maladjustment before the start of a fertility treatment
Posted on 16/05/2017 7:13:57 AM [#7546 ]
Unconventional combinations of prospective parents: ethical challenges faced by IVF providers
Posted on 8/03/2017 7:57:27 AM [#7510 ]
Experiences of Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in Sweden: a Three-Year Follow-Up of Men and Women
Posted on 19/02/2017 3:58:00 PM [#7488 ]
Ethnicity of women undergoing fertility treatment can affect outcomes, study finds
Posted on 21/08/2016 11:29:45 PM [#7363 ]
Sexual Function and Fertility Quality of Life in Women Using In Vitro Fertilization
Posted on 3/02/2015 11:15:00 PM [#6110 ]
Psychological adjustment in adolescents conceived by assisted reproduction techniques: a systematic review
Posted on 8/10/2014 9:34:26 AM [#6022 ]
Do children make you happier? Sustained child-wish and mental health in women 11–17 years after fertility treatment
Posted on 15/09/2014 3:57:56 AM [#5989 ]
Do children make you happier? Sustaining a desire for child after failed fertility treatment linked to worse mental health
Posted on 15/09/2014 3:56:23 AM [#5988 ]
Deciding about fertility preservation after specialist counselling (FPC)
Posted on 16/06/2014 8:41:15 AM [#5818 ]
Parenting Style of Women Who Conceived Using In Vitro Fertilization: A Meta-Analysis
Posted on 16/05/2014 6:20:28 PM [#5735 ]
What psychosocial factors can help IVF patients?
Posted on 7/04/2014 4:29:41 PM [#5587 ]
Assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment in women with schizophrenia or related psychotic disorder: a national cohort study
Posted on 4/04/2014 10:12:34 PM [#5579 ]
A systematic review of psychosocial factors associated with emotional adjustment in in vitro fertilization patients
Posted on 1/04/2014 2:14:58 PM [#5573 ]
Perceptions among infertile couples of lifestyle behaviors and in vitro fertilization (IVF) success
Posted on 25/01/2014 8:22:27 AM [#4414 ]
What to do with your unused embryos?
Posted on 11/12/2013 3:06:21 PM [#4324 ]
Assisted reproduction counseling in women aged 40 and above: a cohort study
Posted on 20/09/2013 8:45:59 AM [#4061 ]
Reproductive implications of psychological distress for couples undergoing IVF
Posted on 20/09/2013 8:44:21 AM [#4060 ]
Report Shows Huge IVF Failure: 3.8 Million Embryos Produce Just 122,000 Babies
Posted on 20/08/2013 9:05:48 AM [#3957 ]
Sperm donor named legal parent and ordered to pay £300,000
Posted on 6/08/2013 7:49:04 AM [#3917 ]
Psychological stress and reproductive aging among pre-menopausal women
Posted on 11/08/2012 11:07:08 AM [#2349 ]
Changes to NICE fertility guideline for same-sex couples
Posted on 19/06/2012 10:39:52 AM [#2182 ]
Modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for poor semen quality: a case-referent study
Posted on 14/06/2012 2:53:32 PM [#2174 ]
Unhealthy Lifestyles Have Little Impact On Sperm Quality
Posted on 14/06/2012 2:48:46 PM [#2173 ]
Premature birth linked to worse mental health
Posted on 3/06/2012 9:33:39 AM [#2152 ]
Assisted procreation and its impact on couple sexuality Valentino Valeria
Posted on 17/08/2011 11:18:03 AM [#1614 ]
Prenatal and Postpartum Depression in Fathers and Its Association With Maternal Depression-A Meta-an
Posted on 15/08/2011 9:14:53 PM [#1607 ]
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