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Wilfried Feichtinger (1950–2021): an Austrian IVF pioneer
Posted on 15/07/2021 11:59:41 PM [#8944 ]
Human embryos cultured in lab for record time a 'major step forward' that opens ethical debate
Posted on 27/06/2021 10:44:34 AM [#8939 ]
Why scientists want longstanding '14-day rule' for human embryo research changed
Posted on 27/06/2021 10:41:31 AM [#8938 ]
Most differences in DNA binding compounds found at birth in children conceived by IVF not seen in early childhood
Posted on 21/04/2021 7:36:50 AM [#8918 ]
Shanna Swan: 'Most couples may have to use assisted reproduction by 2045'
Posted on 28/03/2021 11:39:23 PM [#8904 ]
Your IVF Success website helps patients estimate chances of having a baby, but does it go far enough?
Posted on 19/02/2021 9:21:38 AM [#8880 ]
Class action launched against Monash IVF over non-invasive embryo testing
Posted on 24/12/2020 6:23:54 AM [#8820 ]
Abbey is one of half a dozen women who have given birth in Australia under suspicion of having coronavirus
Posted on 5/12/2020 5:01:15 PM [#8500 ]
Partner selection ultimately happens in the woman's reproductive tract
Posted on 21/08/2020 6:49:42 AM [#8659 ]
In China, single women are banned from freezing their eggs. Now one woman is fighting for change
Posted on 28/06/2020 8:45:09 AM [#8576 ]
The Nobel Prize-winner responsible for 8 million babies
Posted on 17/06/2020 9:37:42 AM [#8567 ]
What the latest research suggests about the coronavirus in pregnancy [New Scientist]
Posted on 20/05/2020 6:04:04 AM [#8516 ]
Baby born from 27-year-old donated embryo sets record
Posted on 12/04/2020 12:28:13 AM [#8784 ]
Coronavirus: What we know so far about risks to pregnancy and babies.
Posted on 27/03/2020 7:54:15 AM [#8454 ]
Women could conceive after ovarian tumors, study shows
Posted on 10/02/2020 11:57:02 AM [#8709 ]
Antioxidant reverses BPD-induced fertility damage in worms
Posted on 9/02/2020 5:40:10 AM [#8392 ]
Infertility can lead to invisible grief. How do you move on from that?
Posted on 2/02/2020 11:52:44 AM [#8388 ]
Media medico in UK slams IVF
Posted on 2/02/2020 11:51:19 AM [#8387 ]
IVF is big business in Australia — but these people are calling the industry out
Posted on 21/01/2020 5:04:03 PM [#8380 ]
Bioengineered uteri support pregnancy
Posted on 7/01/2020 5:15:59 PM [#8584 ]
Fewer fats over the festive season may be the perfect formula for men's fertility - Egg whites and whey protein boost testosterone
Posted on 30/12/2019 10:17:35 PM [#8355 ]
Mouse pups born from eggs derived from the granulosa cells that surround oocytes
Posted on 30/12/2019 10:07:45 PM [#8353 ]
Chinese scientist He Jiankui, who 'gene-edited' babies, jailed for practising medicine illegally
Posted on 30/12/2019 9:50:30 PM [#8352 ]
IVF parents reveal 'wasted time' and agony of missed infertility diagnoses
Posted on 17/12/2019 10:30:42 AM [#8339 ]
Simulations suggest embryo selection based on traits like height or IQ is still far off
Posted on 3/12/2019 11:22:00 PM [#8322 ]
Single woman in Poland? Your embryos could be given to another couple
Posted on 24/11/2019 11:15:36 PM [#8313 ]
Designer babies by the back door - A new type of genetic profiling promises cleverer, better-looking children.
Posted on 14/11/2019 12:11:03 AM [#8303 ]
How men's lifestyles can affect babies' health
Posted on 15/10/2019 11:07:43 PM [#8269 ]
Donate or discard? The surplus embryo dilemma
Posted on 30/09/2019 7:50:15 AM [#8261 ]
More than half of fertility and period-tracker apps ineffective at predicting ovulation, study finds
Posted on 20/09/2019 7:29:41 AM [#8249 ]
Fertility expert criticises 'explosion in bad media' about IVF in speech to industry
Posted on 20/09/2019 7:27:43 AM [#8248 ]
Genetics laboratory fire in Yarram destroys 100 cryogenic cylinders containing cattle semen
Posted on 19/09/2019 9:05:33 AM [#8244 ]
The fight for access to a little girl that went all the way to the High Court
Posted on 28/08/2019 10:18:26 AM [#8237 ]
The human placenta may not have a microbiome after all. Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2211529-the-human-placenta-may-not-have-a-m
Posted on 13/08/2019 10:51:52 AM [#8222 ]
Biologists examine sperm quality on the basis of their metabolism
Posted on 12/08/2019 11:08:59 PM [#8324 ]
Witness: First IVF baby [Podcast]
Posted on 1/07/2019 6:17:40 PM [#8193 ]
Single women and lesbians closer to being allowed IVF in France
Posted on 25/06/2019 12:13:49 AM [#8182 ]
High Court rules sperm donor is daughter's legal father, stopping her moving overseas with mother
Posted on 19/06/2019 11:47:52 AM [#8175 ]
CCR5-∆:32 is deleterious in the homozygous state in humans
Posted on 13/06/2019 12:04:52 AM [#8162 ]
Making heads or tails of male fertility
Posted on 10/06/2019 12:06:10 AM [#8156 ]
Sperm donor takes bid to be named girl's father to High Court to stop her mothers moving to New Zealand
Posted on 16/04/2019 11:31:01 AM [#8131 ]
Artificial intelligence approach optimizes embryo selection for IVF
Posted on 5/04/2019 10:53:01 PM [#8124 ]
Largest Study of Childhood Cancer After IVF
Posted on 3/04/2019 7:10:47 AM [#8120 ]
Grandmother gives birth as surrogate for her son and his husband
Posted on 3/04/2019 6:57:27 AM [#8119 ]
Mathematicians reveal secret to human sperm's swimming prowess
Posted on 22/03/2019 7:22:29 AM [#8104 ]
World's oldest semen still viable
Posted on 19/03/2019 11:59:47 PM [#8099 ]
Prenatal testosterone linked to long-term effects in females who share womb with male twin
Posted on 19/03/2019 11:51:14 PM [#8097 ]
Controversial DNA screening technique used for at least one pregnancy
Posted on 12/03/2019 6:47:17 AM [#8320 ]
When your sperm donor becomes part of the family: One couple's IVF success story
Posted on 7/03/2019 12:34:53 AM [#8080 ]
'Old' sperm produces healthier offspring [if you are a zebrafish!]
Posted on 20/02/2019 12:08:10 AM [#8062 ]
How 3D arrangement of DNA helps perpetuate the species Study reveals crucial developmental period for father's ability to produce offspring
Posted on 20/02/2019 12:02:19 AM [#8060 ]
'Snake oil': the popular IVF therapy that has just been proven useless
Posted on 24/01/2019 8:53:11 PM [#8044 ]
MAGAZINE ‘Sophisticated Labs and High-End Technology Ensure IVF Success Rate’
Posted on 10/01/2019 7:46:56 AM [#8028 ]
Fall in fertility rates spurs in vitro fertilisation market in UAE
Posted on 10/01/2019 7:43:08 AM [#8027 ]
Donor Egg IVFs Market Size, Status and Forecast 2025 | World Egg Bank, Egg Donor America, Donor Egg Bank USA
Posted on 9/01/2019 10:02:05 AM [#8024 ]
China’s 2018 Baby Bust Failure Will Trigger Emergency Pro-Baby Measures
Posted on 9/01/2019 10:00:24 AM [#8023 ]
'Extremely rare' twins born in Brisbane in second reported case in the world
Posted on 3/01/2019 6:32:22 AM [#8073 ]
Violent thug wins the right to fertility treatment while in jail: Convict could become father behind bars after winning human rights battle – despite
Posted on 28/12/2018 8:03:21 AM [#8001 ]
Chinese ‘gene-editing’ scientist raises eyebrows by promoting sperm washing for HIV-positive couples
Posted on 20/12/2018 7:25:41 AM [#7985 ]
IVF SHOCK: Fertility clinic in Spain compensates couple after discovering that another man fathered their twins
Posted on 19/12/2018 7:14:19 AM [#7983 ]
Father whose ex forged his signature on an IVF form loses compensation claim from the clinic after Appeal Court judges rule it is ‘morally unaccepta
Posted on 18/12/2018 5:34:33 PM [#7978 ]
We’ve been using CRISPR for years – now we know how it really works
Posted on 14/12/2018 11:28:31 AM [#7970 ]
Genomic Prediction featured in the Economist Journalist Ananyo Bhattacharya's article is titled "Baby Steps: A slippery slope towards designer babies
Posted on 1/12/2018 9:19:32 AM [#7967 ]
A maverick researcher claims to have created GM children - His stated aim is to protect them from AIDS
Posted on 1/12/2018 9:15:53 AM [#7966 ]
China halts work of gene editor He Jiankui in bid to rescue its scientific reputation
Posted on 30/11/2018 6:40:59 AM [#7965 ]
Largest study of CRISPR-Cas9 mutations creates prediction tool for gene editing
Posted on 28/11/2018 9:01:18 AM [#7961 ]
Some rare fathers pass on an extra kind of DNA to their children
Posted on 28/11/2018 8:55:41 AM [#7959 ]
New techniques may soon make designer babies a reality – are we ready?
Posted on 28/11/2018 8:53:56 AM [#7958 ]
Exclusive: A new test can predict IVF embryos’ risk of having a low IQ
Posted on 28/11/2018 8:51:45 AM [#7957 ]
First results from US CRISPR gene editing on human embryos
Posted on 28/11/2018 8:03:54 AM [#7956 ]
World’s first gene-edited babies announced by a scientist in China
Posted on 28/11/2018 8:01:35 AM [#7955 ]
Mice eat too much food if their great grandmother did the same [New Scientist-News in Brief]
Posted on 26/10/2018 7:35:21 AM [#7926 ]
ObsEva SA reports additional positive Phase 3 results of IMPLANT 2 trial showing significant increase of Live Birth Rate (LBR) following IVF with Sing
Posted on 24/10/2018 11:24:18 PM [#7920 ]
'Dr Love' egg-freezing clinic targets young women and single Asians
Posted on 23/10/2018 11:14:30 PM [#7916 ]
Mouse pups with same-sex parents born in China using stem cells and gene editing
Posted on 16/10/2018 7:43:36 AM [#7912 ]
'Backdoor' eugenics: Are IVF and gene therapy an asset for humanity, or an ethical threat?
Posted on 16/10/2018 7:40:24 AM [#7911 ]
Will IVF turn around Japan’s declining population?
Posted on 6/10/2018 7:50:13 AM [#7830 ]
Sperm quality study updates advice for couples trying to conceive
Posted on 22/09/2018 6:33:18 AM [#7892 ]
The significance of fertility: A landmark ruling on posthumous conception
Posted on 17/09/2018 6:22:39 AM [#7886 ]
Man discovers that partner had sperm swapped for lover’s during IVF
Posted on 9/09/2018 6:44:01 AM [#7882 ]
Children born through IVF may have higher risk of hypertension. By age 16, premature vascular aging persists in apparently healthy adolescents
Posted on 5/09/2018 6:46:59 AM [#7873 ]
Ex-husband must pay child support after forged IVF signature
Posted on 5/09/2018 6:32:17 AM [#7815 ]
InVitro Fertilization (IVF) Market – Vitrolife AB, Merck Serono, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Irvine Scientific, GeneaBiomedx, Cooper Surgical, Origio, Ge
Posted on 3/09/2018 8:59:42 AM [#7784 ]
IVF to fix male infertility 'infringes human rights of women' argue scientists
Posted on 3/09/2018 8:57:41 AM [#7783 ]
Robert Winston’s warning against ‘greedy fertility clinics’ Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/08/17/robert-winstons-warning-against-greedy-fert
Posted on 19/08/2018 6:50:00 AM [#7848 ]
No country resorts to IVF more than Japan—or has less success
Posted on 18/08/2018 5:14:01 PM [#7843 ]
UK’s equality watchdog insists on transgender fertility services
Posted on 15/08/2018 12:00:21 AM [#7839 ]
Men may contribute to infertility through newly discovered part of sperm
Posted on 6/08/2018 11:45:28 PM [#7825 ]
Inflammation in testes could explain link between obesity and reduced fertility
Posted on 2/08/2018 11:17:42 PM [#7766 ]
First IVF baby's 40th birthday: How a tiny girl changed science and the world
Posted on 29/07/2018 11:57:32 PM [#7835 ]
More than 8 million babies born from IVF since the world's first in 1978
Posted on 4/07/2018 5:47:54 PM [#7833 ]
Toowoomba woman wins court bid to use her dead boyfriend's sperm to have a baby
Posted on 20/06/2018 4:48:15 PM [#7831 ]
Women sometimes feel regret after electing to freeze their eggs - Experts urge caution as technology to defer childbearing spreads across America
Posted on 20/05/2018 10:47:54 PM [#7821 ]
More than 1200 embryo transfers with an endometrial thickness below 7mm [HR editors choice]
Posted on 10/05/2018 6:25:50 AM [#7904 ]
Freeze-all:51% live births in first cycle [HR Editors choice].
Posted on 8/05/2018 9:26:41 PM [#7814 ]
DNA test shows woman's father was parents' fertility doctor: lawsuit
Posted on 4/05/2018 12:17:03 AM [#7791 ]
Preliminary CSR for 2016 [SART, USA]
Posted on 26/04/2018 6:59:58 AM [#7805 ]
More than 71 Thousand Babies Born from Assisted Reproductive Technology Cycles Done in 2016 [in USA]
Posted on 26/04/2018 6:56:50 AM [#7804 ]
Study examines sperm production in men with testicular cancer
Posted on 23/04/2018 9:30:25 AM [#7802 ]
Painkillers in pregnancy may affect baby's future fertility
Posted on 19/04/2018 11:12:42 PM [#7799 ]
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