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Influence of Follicular Fluid and Seminal Plasma on The Expression of Endometrial Receptivity Genes in Endometrial Cells
Posted on 8/12/2020 10:23:25 AM [#8647 ]
Depression among men in ART treatment: a register-based national cohort study
Posted on 6/12/2020 11:44:29 PM [#8554 ]
Obstetric and perinatal outcomes of intracytoplasmic sperm injection versus conventional in vitro fertilization in couples with nonsevere male inferti
Posted on 9/11/2020 7:10:17 AM [#8680 ]
Sperm DNA Fragmentation: A New Guideline for Clinicians
Posted on 8/11/2020 4:31:11 PM [#8646 ]
Effects of vitrification and the superovulated environment on placental function and fetal growth in an IVF mouse model
Posted on 8/11/2020 6:57:28 AM [#8645 ]
Good practice recommendations for the use of time-lapse technology
Posted on 5/11/2020 10:35:34 PM [#8499 ]
Cumulative live birth rates for women returning to ART treatment for a second ART-conceived child
Posted on 5/11/2020 6:10:25 AM [#8495 ]
Use of a male antioxidant nutraceutical is associated with superior live birth rates during IVF treatment
Posted on 8/10/2020 12:20:47 AM [#8643 ]
Varying levels of serum estradiol do not alter the timing of the early endometrial secretory transformation
Posted on 7/10/2020 6:25:29 PM [#8598 ]
The Bologna criteria for the definition of poor ovarian responders: is there a need for revision? [2014]
Posted on 5/10/2020 8:44:39 AM [#8494 ]
Initial serum HCG levels are higher in pregnant women with a male fetus after fresh or frozen single blastocyst transfer: A retrospective cohort study
Posted on 18/09/2020 11:23:23 AM [#8687 ]
Effect of newborn gender on placental histopathology and perinatal outcome in singleton live births following IVF
Posted on 18/09/2020 11:05:48 AM [#8686 ]
Measuring IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 Profiles in Women Seeking Assisted Reproduction: Relationship to Clinical Parameters (Study 1)
Posted on 15/09/2020 6:46:35 AM [#8685 ]
Exposure of human fallopian tube epithelium to elevated testosterone re
Posted on 15/09/2020 6:35:34 AM [#8684 ]
Fallopian tube epithelial cells express androgen receptor and have a distinct hormonal responsiveness when compared with endometrial epithelium
Posted on 15/09/2020 6:28:29 AM [#8683 ]
The influence of oxygen concentration during embryo culture on obstetric and neonatal outcomes: a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
Posted on 14/09/2020 11:21:46 PM [#8682 ]
Metabolic profile of in vitro derived human embryos is not affected by the mode of fertilization
Posted on 11/09/2020 4:21:46 PM [#8681 ]
Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies (abnormal number of chromosomes) in in vitro fertilisation
Posted on 9/09/2020 11:00:19 PM [#8679 ]
Analysis of IVF/ICSI-FET Outcomes in Women With Advanced Endometriosis: Influence on Ovarian Response and Oocyte Competence
Posted on 8/09/2020 11:56:28 PM [#8642 ]
Sperm Selection Strategies and Their Impact on Assisted Reproductive Technology Outcomes
Posted on 7/09/2020 11:04:11 AM [#8596 ]
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is not superior to conventional IVF in couples with non-male factor infertility and preimplantation genetic testing f
Posted on 30/08/2020 6:58:59 PM [#8672 ]
Does ICSI for in vitro fertilization cause more aneuploid embryos?
Posted on 30/08/2020 6:47:03 PM [#8671 ]
Successful pregnancy following the transfer of re-vitrified twice-warmed embryos due to the forced cancellation of the primary FET: A case report
Posted on 30/08/2020 6:07:30 PM [#8670 ]
Is in vitro fertilization (IVF) associated with perinatal affective disorders?
Posted on 28/08/2020 5:56:45 PM [#8669 ]
Peripheral action of kisspeptin at reproductive tissues—role in ovarian function and embryo implantation and relevance to assisted reproductive techno
Posted on 27/08/2020 7:03:45 AM [#8668 ]
Metabolic activity of human blastocysts correlates with their morphokinetics, morphological grade, KIDScore and artificial intelligence ranking
Posted on 26/08/2020 9:14:30 AM [#8666 ]
The Pregnancy Outcome of Mosaic Embryo Transfer: A Prospective Multicenter Study and Meta-Analysis
Posted on 25/08/2020 10:00:53 AM [#8665 ]
Empathetic application of machine learning may address appropriate utilization of ART
Posted on 23/08/2020 7:29:50 AM [#8664 ]
Man versus machine in IVF-can artificial intelligence replace physicians?
Posted on 23/08/2020 7:23:00 AM [#8663 ]
Calcium Oscillatory Patterns and Oocyte Activation During Fertilization: a Possible Mechanism for Total Fertilization Failure (TFF) in Human In Vitro
Posted on 22/08/2020 8:43:26 AM [#8662 ]
Gamete-level immunogenetic incompatibility in humans–towards deeper understanding of fertilization and infertility?
Posted on 21/08/2020 7:02:19 AM [#8661 ]
Post-copulatory genetic matchmaking: HLA-dependent effects of cervical mucus on human sperm function
Posted on 21/08/2020 6:57:53 AM [#8660 ]
Ambient air pollution exposed during preantral-antral follicle transition stage was sensitive to associate with clinical pregnancy for women receiving
Posted on 19/08/2020 12:03:16 PM [#8658 ]
Initial ovarian sensitivity index predicts embryo quality and pregnancy potential in the first days of controlled ovarian stimulation
Posted on 19/08/2020 11:20:16 AM [#8657 ]
Epigenetic remodeling of chromatin in human ART: addressing deficiencies in culture media
Posted on 18/08/2020 5:11:19 PM [#8655 ]
MicroRNA expression profile analysis in sperm reveals hsa-mir-191 as an auspicious omen of in vitro fertilization
Posted on 17/08/2020 9:27:28 AM [#8654 ]
NGS Analysis of Human Embryo Culture Media Reveals miRNAs of Extra Embryonic Origin
Posted on 17/08/2020 9:10:23 AM [#8653 ]
Comprehensive analysis of soluble RNAs in human embryo culture media and blastocoel fluid
Posted on 15/08/2020 3:52:33 PM [#8650 ]
Body mass index is not associated with donor oocyte recipient success: an ideal study using a paired analysis of sibling-oocytes
Posted on 14/08/2020 10:28:15 AM [#8649 ]
ART in Europe, 2016: results generated from European registries by ESHRE
Posted on 10/08/2020 6:36:41 PM [#8644 ]
Is Vitamin D important for IVF success?
Posted on 9/08/2020 12:39:00 AM [#8678 ]
Women's vitamin D levels and IVF results: a systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis, considering three categories of vitamin status (rep
Posted on 9/08/2020 12:34:10 AM [#8677 ]
Where has the quest for conception taken us? Lessons from anthropology and sociology
Posted on 8/08/2020 11:39:21 AM [#8641 ]
General Information Regarding Pregnant Individuals and COVID-19
Posted on 8/08/2020 8:23:57 AM [#8640 ]
Population implications of cessation of IVF during the COVID-19 pandemic
Posted on 8/08/2020 8:15:06 AM [#8639 ]
Cumulative Outcome of Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis for Sickle Cell Disease: A 5-year Review
Posted on 7/08/2020 7:02:39 AM [#8592 ]
Effects of intraovarian injection of autologous platelet rich plasma on ovarian reserve and IVF outcome parameters in women with primary ovarian insuf
Posted on 6/08/2020 11:41:51 PM [#8547 ]
ESHRE PGT Consortium good practice recommendations for the detection of monogenic disorders [3rd paper of 4]
Posted on 6/08/2020 5:23:02 PM [#8543 ]
ESHRE PGT Consortium and SIG Embryology good practice recommendations for polar body and embryo biopsy for PGT [2nd paper of 4].
Posted on 6/08/2020 5:20:33 PM [#8542 ]
ESHRE PGT Consortium good practice recommendations for the organisation of PGT [paper 1 of 4]
Posted on 6/08/2020 5:17:06 PM [#8541 ]
No effect of ovarian stimulation and oocyte yield on euploidy and live birth rates: an analysis of 12 :298 trophectoderm biopsies
Posted on 5/08/2020 6:23:28 AM [#8492 ]
How human sperm really swim: New research challenges centuries-old assumption
Posted on 3/08/2020 11:17:55 AM [#8631 ]
COVID-19 and human spermatozoa - potential risks for infertility and sexual transmission
Posted on 31/07/2020 5:13:03 PM [#8627 ]
Using a Dielectrophoretic Microfluidic Biochip Enhanced Fertilization of Mouse Embryo in Vitro
Posted on 29/07/2020 10:00:48 PM [#8625 ]
Characterization and functional roles of paternal RNAs in 2–4 cell bovine embryos
Posted on 29/07/2020 8:56:45 PM [#8624 ]
Increasing associations between defects in phospholipase C zeta and conditions of male infertility: not just ICSI failure?
Posted on 28/07/2020 8:45:44 AM [#8623 ]
Phospholipase C zeta profiles are indicative of optimal sperm parameters and fertilisation success in patients undergoing fertility treatment
Posted on 28/07/2020 8:25:14 AM [#8622 ]
Ca 2+ signaling in mammalian spermatozoa
Posted on 28/07/2020 7:50:41 AM [#8621 ]
Intraovarian vascular enhancement via stromal injection of platelet-derived growth factors: Exploring subsequent oocyte chromosomal status and in vitr
Posted on 25/07/2020 8:18:38 AM [#8620 ]
Ovarian Rejuvenation Through Platelet-Rich Autologous Plasma (PRP)-a Chance to Have a Baby Without Donor Eggs, Improving the Life Quality of Women Suf
Posted on 25/07/2020 1:00:46 AM [#8619 ]
Doing more with less: The flagellar end piece enhances the propulsive effectiveness of human spermatozoa
Posted on 21/07/2020 4:46:43 PM [#8618 ]
Comprehensive analysis of soluble RNAs in human embryo culture media and blastocoel fluid
Posted on 20/07/2020 11:41:01 PM [#8617 ]
Multicentric, prospective observational data show sperm capacitation predicts male fertility +++
Posted on 20/07/2020 7:21:17 AM [#8616 ]
Increased risk of severe maternal morbidity in women with twin pregnancies resulting from oocyte donation
Posted on 19/07/2020 7:53:04 AM [#8614 ]
GM-CSF (granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor) supplementation in culture media for women undergoing assisted reproduction
Posted on 18/07/2020 8:00:22 AM [#8613 ]
Relationship between sperm morphology and sperm DNA dispersion
Posted on 18/07/2020 7:45:41 AM [#8612 ]
Predictive value of the sperm DNA fragmentation index for low or failed IVF fertilization in men with mild-to-moderate asthenozoospermia
Posted on 18/07/2020 7:34:34 AM [#8611 ]
Characterization of the Vaginal Microbiome in Women with Infertility and Its Potential Correlation with Hormone Stimulation during In Vitro Fertilizat
Posted on 17/07/2020 7:26:16 AM [#8610 ]
Controlled ovarian stimulation and progesterone supplementation affect vaginal and endometrial microbiota in IVF cycles: a pilot study
Posted on 17/07/2020 7:13:52 AM [#8609 ]
Is there a correlation between paternal age and aneuploidy rate? An analysis of 3,118 embryos derived from young egg donors
Posted on 16/07/2020 12:31:01 AM [#8607 ]
COVID-19 screening during fertility treatment: how do guidelines compare against each other?
Posted on 16/07/2020 12:25:02 AM [#8606 ]
Artificial intelligence in the IVF laboratory: overview through the application of different types of algorithms for the classification of reproductiv
Posted on 14/07/2020 6:25:35 PM [#8605 ]
Transcriptome profiling reveals signaling conditions dictating human spermatogonia fate in vitro
Posted on 14/07/2020 12:33:38 PM [#8603 ]
Ovarian Reserve as a Predictor of Cumulative Live Birth
Posted on 13/07/2020 7:48:02 AM [#8601 ]
Nampt-mediated Spindle Sizing Secures a Post-Anaphase Increase in Spindle Speed Required for Extreme Asymmetry [in the mouse]
Posted on 9/07/2020 10:46:57 AM [#8595 ]
Does ICSI for in Vitro Fertilization Cause More Aneuploid Embryos? [Case Report]
Posted on 9/07/2020 7:56:10 AM [#8593 ]
Endometriosis Lowers the Cumulative Live Birth Rates in IVF by Decreasing the Number of Embryos but Not Their Quality
Posted on 8/07/2020 12:33:43 AM [#8637 ]
Impact of Endometrioma and Bilaterality on IVF / ICSI Cycles in Patients With Endometriosis
Posted on 7/07/2020 11:31:03 PM [#8591 ]
A tissue-engineered uterus supports live births in rabbits
Posted on 1/07/2020 5:17:09 PM [#8585 ]
Mitochondrial DNA Content Is Not Predictive of Reproductive Competence in Euploid Blastocysts
Posted on 1/07/2020 6:49:58 AM [#8581 ]
Birth Characteristics in Men With Infertility
Posted on 1/07/2020 6:42:19 AM [#8580 ]
Impact of a Controlled Culture Temperature Gradient on Mouse Embryo Development and Morphokinetics
Posted on 30/06/2020 5:01:32 PM [#8579 ]
A decision-making algorithm for performing or cancelling embryo transfer in patients at high risk for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after triggeri
Posted on 30/06/2020 7:01:37 AM [#8578 ]
Fetal fraction of cell-free DNA in pregnancies after fresh or frozen embryo transfer following assisted reproductive technologies
Posted on 30/06/2020 6:41:56 AM [#8577 ]
A 5-year Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial of In Vitro Fertilization with Personalized Blastocyst Transfer versus Frozen or Fresh Transfer.
Posted on 25/06/2020 5:04:17 PM [#8575 ]
Individual culture and atmospheric oxygen during culture affect mouse preimplantation embryo metabolism and post-implantation development
Posted on 25/06/2020 4:51:50 PM [#8574 ]
Vitrification and the Demise of Fresh Treatment Cycles in ART
Posted on 23/06/2020 4:42:06 PM [#8570 ]
GnRH Agonist and hCG (Dual Trigger) Versus hCG Trigger for Final Follicular Maturation: A Double-Blinded, Randomized Controlled Study
Posted on 22/06/2020 4:24:31 PM [#8569 ]
Chemical signals from eggs facilitate cryptic female choice in humans
Posted on 16/06/2020 8:58:57 PM [#8563 ]
GnRH Triggering May Improve Euploidy and Live Birth Rate in Hyper-Responders: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Posted on 15/06/2020 6:28:24 PM [#8561 ]
The Entire Range of Trigger-Day Endometrial Thickness in Fresh IVF Cycles Is Independently Correlated With Live Birth Rate
Posted on 15/06/2020 6:24:33 PM [#8560 ]
First Birth Following Assisted Sperm Fusion Insemination Using Sperm Bound to Zona Pellucida
Posted on 15/06/2020 6:19:43 PM [#8559 ]
Influence of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Exposure on IVF: Now Is the Time to Focus on Women
Posted on 15/06/2020 6:16:23 PM [#8558 ]
Which Key Performance Indicators Are Most Effective in Evaluating and Managing an in Vitro Fertilization Laboratory?
Posted on 15/06/2020 6:08:39 PM [#8557 ]
Three Simple Metrics to Define in Vitro Fertilization Success Rates
Posted on 15/06/2020 6:00:34 PM [#8556 ]
Cumulative live birth rate after up to three consecutive embryo transfer cycles in women with poor ovarian response
Posted on 13/06/2020 12:02:39 AM [#8555 ]
Is Ovarian Response Associated With Adverse Perinatal Outcomes in GnRH Antagonist IVF/ICSI Cycles?
Posted on 9/06/2020 12:05:21 AM [#8548 ]
The Neandertal Progesterone Receptor
Posted on 8/06/2020 5:46:32 PM [#8546 ]
ESHRE PGT Consortium good practice recommendations for the detection of structural and numerical chromosomal aberrations [4th paper of 4]
Posted on 8/06/2020 5:25:55 PM [#8544 ]
Glutathione-dependent enzymes in the follicular fluid of the first-retrieved oocyte and their impact on oocyte and embryos in polycystic ovary syndrom
Posted on 8/06/2020 1:15:08 AM [#8636 ]
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